Van den Berg J, Neely G. I also apologize to reaction time researchers for omissions and oversimplifications. The Journals of Gerontology, Series A 57 4: There is still only one correct response Longer. Performance on a simple reaction time task while sleep deprived. Drug and Alcohol Dependence 63 2:

A comparative study of auditory reaction and visual reaction time in males and females staff during shift duty in the hospital. Journal of Experimental Psychology Exercise can affect reaction time. Academic Press, New York, pp. Botwinick and Thompson found that almost all of the male-female difference was accounted for by the lag between the presentation of the stimulus and the beginning of muscle contraction. The tenuous link between intelligence and reaction time is reviewed in Deary et al.

A Literature Review on Reaction Time Kinds of Reaction Time Experiments

According to our study, there is no significant different in reaction time between congenital blind and normal healthy persons. Nickerson reviewed several reaxtion studies and agreed with these results. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 89 1: References Publications referenced by this paper.

Laming concluded that simple reaction times averaged msec but recognition reaction times averaged msec. Citations Publications citing this paper.


The time course of preparation. Reports from the Psychological Institute, No. Laws of visual choice reaction time.

A Comparative Study of Simple Auditory Reaction Time in Blind (Congenitally) and Sighted Subjects

On the rate of gain of information. Footnotes Source of Support: Duffus Journal of sleep research Speech-based interaction with in-vehicle computers: A population-based cohort study. It is not just simple mechanical factors like the speed of nervous conduction. There is still only one correct response Longer Choice reaction time: A study of auditory reaction time in different phases of the normal menstrual cycle.

A Comparative Study of Simple Auditory Reaction Time in Blind (Congenitally) and Sighted Subjects

Hearing duration and auditory reaction time in the blind. Journal of Motor Behavior 5: Mental processes revealed by reaction time experiments. There are multiple stimuli and multiple responses.

a literature review on reaction time by robert j kosinski

Compensating for alcohol-induced impairment: Following precaution was taken during data collection: It evaluates the processing speed of central nervous system CNS and coordination between the sensory and motor systems.

The Journals of Gerontology, Series A 57 4: Warnings of Impending Stimuli.

They are age,[ 4 ] sex,[ 45 ] gender,[ 46 ] handedness,[ 78 ] physical fitness,[ 910 ] sleep,[ 9 ] fatigue,[ 9 ] distraction,[ 911 ] alcohol,[ 12 ] caffeine,[ 13 ] diabetes,[ 14 ] personality type and whether the stimulus is auditory or visual. Journal of Studies on Alcohol 63 2: Barral and Debu found that while men were faster than women at aiming at a target, the women were more accurate.


Effect of age, gender and body mass raction on visual and auditory reaction times in Indian population.

a literature review on reaction time by robert j kosinski

Nutritional Neuroscience 5 6: Brain and Cognition 44 3: Simple auditory reaction time response with four different type of sound horn, bell, ring, and whistle was recorded in both groups. Perceptual and Motor Skills 91 2: Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York, pp. Hick found that in choice reaction time experiments, response was proportional to log Nwhere N is the number of different possible stimuli.