Sunsetting programs are subject to government decisions to extend, reduce, or enhance funding. Effective performance measurement data provides critical information needed for the successful delivery of contribution programming. Economic development is an outcome that is subject to external market forces. Agreements to formalize collaborative relationships were signed with key northern partners to advance resource development, and to ensure benefits to communities from major projects. The Agency does this by providing contribution funds to help develop and diversify the economy and support northern prosperity, and by aligning and leveraging the efforts of all federal government departments whose operations impact the North’s economic development. Increased efficiency, effectiveness and transparency in the management of federal environmental approval processes and other federal administrative processes.

Through numerous engagements, meetings and submissions, CanNor helped to ensure that the design of the New Building Canada Fund would reflect the northern reality of shortened construction seasons and infrastructure priorities that are different from those of large, southern urban centers. The research has included comparative analysis of taxation policy, regulatory policy, and barriers to investment. The framework is designed as a roadmap that outlines the intended role and contribution of the Agency in advancing northern economic development over five years. Return to endnote 23 referrer. It also highlighted business development and employment opportunities that accompany mining exploration and development, including how to access and benefit economically immediately and over the long term from those opportunities.

Archived information is provided for reference, research or record keeping purposes. InCanNor renewed the content and structure of nusiness external website. Such assistance is key to longer-term diversification of territorial economies.

CanNor continues to work with partners across the territories to share economic development priorities and seek opportunities to invest in common projects. CanNor maintains internal practices and models for business delivery to align with statutory and other legal requirements. At the same time, interdepartmental structures are leveraged to strengthen bilateral pla and encourage shared initiatives.


Below are examples for each region of some of the smaller-scale projects funded under this sub-program. Small-scale business development is inherently a challenge and supporting these initiatives can result in challenges to delivering expected outcomes.

In addition, actual spending related to NPMO and other CanNor salary costs were lower than anticipated due to the timing of the funding and the associated ramping up of activities in the northern offices.

Complementing CanNor’s contribution programs and NPMOthe Agency uses its policy and research capacity to examine and assess economic issues and opportunities. While xandc Agency has sought feedback from stakeholders in the past in relation to other Programs and Sub-Programs, no structured feedback was sought in in terms of Advocacy performance given that this measure is being replaced with a more objective assessment of performance through a review of audits and evaluations that were performed in the particular year.

The unique northern governance, limited departmentsl and financial capacity, geography and demography collectively result in a different policy context than what exists for most of the rest of Canada. Return to endnote 7 referrer.

ARCHIVED – Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency – Departmental Performance Report

Return to endnote 21 referrer. Partners may experience capacity or operational challenges and this can increase the risk to the shared goals of all partners. Business Development and Program 1. CanNor has a number of complex relationships with clients, partners, and stakeholders. If another type that is specific to the department is introduced, an explanation of its meaning must be provided. Other contribution programs delivered by the Agency also provided smaller-scale funding geared toward improving capacity and skills.

The CNIM project funding, coupled with the proposal-driven nature of contribution funding, accounts for under-spending in this Sub-Program.

The Agency strengthened its policy, advocacy and coordination activities by developing and implementing tools and practices, such as the Agency’s Strategic FrameworkEndnote 15 to support its work on advancing the efforts of all economic development partners and stakeholders. Relationships with Clients, Partners and Stakeholders: In addition, Aboriginal economic development programming provides contribution funding to support the capacity of Aboriginal communities to identify and serve members’ economic interests.


What progress has been made towards this priority?

ARCHIVED – Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency – 2013-14 Departmental Performance Report

Part II Main Estimates lists the financial resources required by individual departments, agencies and Crown corporations for the upcoming fiscal year. Janet King Ministerial Portfolio: Return to endnote 19 referrer.

aandc departmental business plan

One of NEI ‘s seven businwss is territorial trade balance. Therefore, actual results for a year over year comparison are not applicable for this report, but will be available in subsequent reports.

MOUs with each of these organizations are in place and reviewed annually.

aandc departmental business plan

Advocacy among federal departments is an important aspect of CanNor’s work as programs of national application that are led by other organizations may, at times, not fully reflect the needs and realities of the North. CanNor’s funding programs are proposal-driven; therefore, some years some programs may be over-subscribed as is the case in InNPMO moved from the development stage to the implementation stage of the Community Readiness Initiative and engaged in extensive socio-economic data gathering to inform future decision making under the initiative.

While Canada’s North is endowed with bountiful natural resources, it is greatly impacted by the rise and fall of commodity prices.

Policy, Advocacy and Coordination Sub-Program 1.