Craniotomy, Burr hole for subdural hematoma, Croll 2 , B. Information-seeking trends of medical professionals and students from middle-income countries: Redefining a Burn Chart for Filipinos. Teleseminar on Adobe Acrobat 4. Workshop on Values Orientation.

Obstacles to Implementation, Strategies for Success. Value of ultrasound in determining level of distal rectal pouch in infants with anorectal malformation without perineal fistula. Philippine Medical Informatics Society, Inc. Lecture on Electronic Health Records by Dr. Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis Fidgeting: First Scientific Symposium on Medical Informatics: In Telehealth in Developing Countries.

Telehealth in the Philippines. Marcelo A, Gumapos M. Breast Cancer and Breast Disease.

afip aduana curriculum vitae

Radical Neck Dissection, University of the Philippine College of Medicine. Evid Based Med ; Lecture on Electronic Health Records by Dr.

Skip to main content. Obstacles to Implementation, Strategies for Success. Diagnostic Peritoneal Lavage, Montalban J, Marcelo AB. First Scientific Symposium on Medical Informatics: Chair, Library Committee, present.

afip aduana curriculum vitae

Founder, Past President, and Chair Emeritus. Telehealth Initiatives in the Philippines: A Documentary on History of Philippine Surgery, Community Health Information Tracking System: Philippine Urological Association, Inc.


afip aduana curriculum vitae

Paul FonteloJuly 8, Getting Started with C. Ateneo de Manila High School Department.

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From thewfip are selected to undergo further interviews and psychological tests. Seminar on Telepathology by Dr. Stud Health Technol Inform; ; Informatics in the Philippines: Health Informatics for Development: Health Information Interoperability page 1 page 2.

December 8,Hotel Intercontinental Manila, Makati. MedinfoSan Francisco, Sept Information Technology for Health. Second Scientific Symposium on Medical Informatics: Past, Present and Future.

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Member, Residency Training Committee. Montalban J, Marcelo A. University of the Philippines College of Medicine. A comprehensive Approach to Patient Care”.