Student’s usage of the computer is a privilege and will be taken away if proper conduct by the student is not shown. Violations of the Activity Code of Conduct may result in suspension from activities as outlined in the Code. In the past the rewards have been roller skating and skiing for first semester and Valley Fair for second semester. The student should get an excused absence form from the office, which they show their teachers for this purpose. Students leaving for medical or dental reasons should bring a note from home or an appointment card.

Parents, school personnel, students, or community members may make referrals to SAP. The grade point average GPA is computed each term. Infinite Campus – Parent Portal. All participants in co-curricular activities and a parent or guardian of each participant must read and sign the Amery Activity Code of conduct. No discipline slips during the previous term. Students will return all trays and utensils to the dishwashing area.

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First to be dismissed for lunch. End of the year reward.

School District of Amery Home

There is a 20 minute advisory period. Parents and law enforcement officials will be notified and weapons will be confiscated. Individuals shall indicate whom they represent and shall be asked to comment on their interest or concerns.


Possession or use of alcohol or other drugs and paraphernalia.

No food may be taken from the commons. Daily announcements will be given by the second hour teacher. Level 1 – Minor infractions.

ams 6th grade homework hotline

Transition – Grade 5 to Grade 6. Academic Classes – Those classes which concentrate on the most fundamental of educational skills. All students shall treat adults with respect no arguing, disrespect, talking back, defiance, etc. The thirty-minute lunch period includes a ten-fifteen minute recess.

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Bikes must be parked and locked in designated racks at the front of the building. Mediations may be arranged at the request of students, school staff, and parents.

The board approved policy and complaint procedure on sexual harassment may be obtained in the office. Extended detentions must be served on the date assigned.

Individual academic performance based on district criteria listed above. Flexible scheduling is possible, individualized instruction is increased and interdisciplinary instruction becomes an ans tool for education. Important notes about the dance: Parents picking their child up during the school day must report to the office to pick up their child.

Loss of Semester reward. The counselor is available to students, parents and teachers. Hotlline are not allowed to get off any place other than home without written permission from parent or guardian. Any form of sexual nature is in violation of Board policy. House – A specific area of the school where students are assigned for their academic subjects.


ams 6th grade homework hotline

Students are encouraged to use the pay phone located at the west entrance. District Notice of Non-Discrimination: In order for promotion to occur a student must earn a minimum of 18 credits in the required courses and a minimum of 4 credits of Math and English each year.

Consequences will be initiated ohtline soon as possible.


Infinite Campus – Staff Portal. If your cooperation in maintaining proper library atmosphere is lacking, the privilege of using it during the day will be taken away. All succeeding offenses in the minor category will be treated as a Major Infraction-first offense, second offense, and then third offense. Levels of Infraction Infractions are broken down into garde levels of severity: