The media, because of lack of colour printing facility, offered little help as a vehicle for advertising. Thus, firms that are contemplating addressing large undeveloped markets or have an intention of taking advantage of extensive but marginal supplier base would still benefit. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. This included establishing procedures for milk collection, testing, payment for milk purchased from member farmers and its subsequent sale to the union, accounting, ensuring timely collection and dispatch of milk on milk routes established by the union, etc. Amul-cooperative registered on 14 December as a response to the exploitation of marginal milk producers by traders or agents of the only existing dairy, the Polson dairy, in the small city distances to deliver milk, which often went sour in summer, to Polson. In , Amul hired Sylvester da Cunha, the managing director of the advertising agency as to design an ad campaign for Amul Butter. Marketed in India since four decades.

The dairy industry in India and particularly in the State of Gujarat looks very different. The establishment of Amul is known as White Revolution. Please choose the access option you need: Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours Discuss the factors that contributed to the success of the Amul brand. Milk collection was also decentralized, as most producers were marginal farmers who would deliver litres of milk per day.

Thus, AMUL adopted a low price strategy to make their products affordable and guarantee value to the consumer. Formed init is a cooperative brand managed by a cooperative body, the Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd.

Case Study: Amul Butter Essay

I am not sure how eco-friendly and economical this would be. We move to year AMUL established a group to standardize the process of organizing farmers into village societies. In addition, they are also responsible essy the formation of new societies, which is an important activity at AMUL. We will write a custom essay on Amul: Archived from the original on 11 November But with Indians housewives always coming up with unique utilities of this tub, do we all mind the ultimate cost?


amul butter essay

I may non be incorrect is stating that this is its USP. Buttwr has, however, formed it own organizational structure i. In this paper we describe a case study of a dairy cooperative, AMUL, in western India that has developed a successful model for doing business in large emerging economy.

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He then held a concourse and came to a conclusion that the co-operative society will collect the milk first then decide the price according to the quality of the milk.

For example, in the initial stages, its small and marginal member farmers did not have access to finance, veterinary service, knowledge of basic animal husbandry etc. Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours High in quality 4. To buttter, the dual strategy of simultaneous development of the market and member farmers has resulted in parallel growth of demand and supply at a steady pace and in turn assured the growth of the industry over an extended period of time.

The cardboard boxes may have been better option looking into the recycling factor.

amul butter essay

Choose a Membership Plan I agree to wait a whole day. He lost his father at 22 and his grand-uncle moved his family to his home in Trichur now Thrissur. Studies have reported usage of mobile veterinary dispensaries, wireless amuul to link mobile units to service centers as earlydeveloping a programme of cross breeding of cows in early s etc.

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It is also exported to over 30 countries, including the U.

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Only the users having paid subscription get the unlimited number of samples immediately. He was charismatic in his communication and committed in his effort. Next, you walk towards the Amul factory where one can see machineries at work and how Amul products are processed and packed. Defining brand personal information of Indian dairy producer Marketing Amul is the brand name for milk-based products produced by Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation – a state level apex body of dairy For the city in Iran, see Amol.

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The name is now a household term that is here to stay, and the chubby-cheeked Amul girl will continue to cast a spell on the public. Similarly, no dispatches of finished products are made without advance payment from distributors etc.

The establishment of Amul is also known as White Revolution.

However, it played a proactive role in making support services available to its members wherever it found that markets for such services were not developed. A small set of poor farmers of Kheda district in Gujarat had the vision and foresight to act in a way that was good gutter the society and not for the self alone.