The nightmare we’ve all had and I assure you, you’ll continue to have even after graduation, 40 years after graduation. Barnard women, class of , we are the wolves. And you know who I am now? Later when I was nine, I remember taking my mother’s eyebrow pencil and carefully drawing lines all over my face, replicating the wrinkles that I had memorized on the face of my grandmother whom I adored and made my mother take my picture and I look at it now and of course, I look like myself now and my grandmother then. But the girls didn’t buy it. You must have the strength to say no to the wrong things and to embrace the right ones, even if you are the only one who seems to know the difference. Empathy is at the heart of the actor’s art.

What happens next on the field is what transforms a bunch of individual women into a team. You just have to make your mother and father proud of you and you already have. With due deference to the finest faculty in the country, none of that means anything without courage. Now this game was winners keepers, so if you scored you got the ball back. I stayed on the path out of fear—not of being eaten by a wolf—but of being cut, being benched, losing my paycheck. Cobwebs, black, the lights bulbs burned out, the airless dank refrigerator of an insanely over-scheduled, unexamined life that usually just gets take-out.

One is obliged to do great deal of kissing in my line of work. Who you are always will. We will not Little Red Riding hood our way through life.

anna quindlen graduation speech barnard

They relate to Miranda. In those years, the number of deer had skyrocketed because they were unchallenged, alone at the top of the food chain. I was freaking Little Red Riding Hood. Retired soccer star Abby Wambach delivered the commencement address to the Barnard College class of on Wednesday, speaking about the challenges in her career and her fight against the gender pay gap.


The plant regeneration stabilized the riverbanks so they stopped collapsing. And she does…at first. Never before in the history or country have most of the advanced degrees been awarded to women but now they are. Yeah sure, that’s months away and then the nightmare begins. Air kissing, ass-kissing, kissing up and of course actual kissing, much like hookers, actors have to do it with people we may not like or even know.

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Women must champion each other. Is Gossip a Sin? But by the fourth quarter, she realized that because of all of this coaching, her team was losing by three goals.

anna quindlen graduation speech barnard

Get Beliefnet’s Daily Inspiration Newsletter! Inaround the year of your birth, wolves were re-introduced into Yellowstone National Park after being absent for 70 years. When this happens, it means that everything has come together perfectly — the perfect pass, qiundlen perfectly timed run, every player in the right place at exactly the right time — all of this culminating in a moment in which one player scores that goal.

Anna Quindlen: ‘Be Not Afraid’

I demanded brand name clothes, my mother shut me down on that one. But I do really remember in my bones, how it was possible on that day to feel her age. Pretending or acting is a very valuable life skill and we all do it. It just might be the big game. Here are the bookends of my first full year as chair of the board at Barnard. I ate an apple a day, period.


Being here today has forced me to look around inside there for something useful that I can share with you and I’m really grateful you gave me the chance.

But we still live with the pinched expectations of a culture of conformity. This scarcity is not our fault, but it is our problem. Homophobia, sexism, racism, religious bigotry, xenophobia: And along with all my other exterior choices, I worked on my, what actors call, my interior adjustment.

Barnard who defied the tenor of his time to stand firm in his belief that young women were as capable of higher learning as their male counterparts.

I became real instead of an imagined stuffed bunny but I stockpiled that character from high school and I breathed life into her again some years later as Linda in the “Deer Hunter. Women are feared as a threat to our system — and we will also be our salvation. They were actually pulled into this nativity scene by the intensity of my focus.

anna quindlen graduation speech barnard

Everyone loved it, really. Because I like it when it went, kind of “ehuh” and the end, “eheeh” “ehaeaahaha” because I thought it sounded child like, and cute.