TOP 16 Benny v. November 29, at 5: Blonde, hong10, mounir, taisuke. They serve as ambassadors of Hip Hop culture, with their main goal of giving back to the community and sharing their wealth of experience and skills with the younger generation of dancers. Some notable achievements are as follows:.

This page was last edited on 30 April , at Register to The Bboy Spot! Bboys and fans alike, both disagreed heavily with the judges’s decisions after many individual battles. Thesis, lilou, mounir, taisuke Final: Dae Won Kang says:

November 29, at 6: Starting with the left sideThesis beats benny then battles blond then thesis wins.

bboy thesis vs gravity

November 29, at 3: Popular Stories Mix Mondays: Bboy Thesis vs Bboy Victor. Thesis vs gravity first round- crazy 8 battle 1vs1. November 27, at 9: November 27, at 4: Together, they showcase the art of B-Boying in all of its many forms.


bboy thesis vs gravity

Round 2 Blond, grvity 10, cheerito, and wing. Each crewmember is an outstanding individual in his community, bringing a certain style, skillset and original movement to the group, from hardcore power moves to intricate footwork. Right side now mounir beats gravity, cheerito beats lil gtaisuke beats luan then proceeds to battle wing.

B-boy B-boy Wing Unofficial.

Gravity/Rampage Vs Thesis/El Nino | FINALS | TO THE POINTZ! | B-BOY NETWORK – YoYouHeard

Jirka Capoeira Tomato says: Victor gets into the finals. This time, the Hallenstadion in northern Zurich will host the thesos of the world’s best breakers, on September 29, Thesis Lilou Cheerito Luan Round 3: This time around, BC One hopefuls go head-to-head in over 35 qualifying cyphers and six camps to determine who makes the Amsterdam cut. The round-by-round judging format allows bboys to see the judges decision after every round.

Rio de JaneiroBrazil. Honestly, all the first round battles are toss-ups. Prelims — thesis, menno, hong 10, lilou, Mounir, lil g, taisuke, wing, Quarter finals — thesis, hong 10, mounir, taisuke SEMI — hong 10 vs mounir winner hong The final is Victor vs wing and wing theesis it.


bboy thesis vs gravity

Paolo Miguel Laset says: Thesis Alkolil Mounir Wing Round 3: November 29, at 7: William DongKyu Lee says: James Jusung Park says: November 27, at 8: In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Top 8 thesis menno hong 10 lilou gravity cheerito taisuke wing.

bboy thesis vs gravity

Alfred Flo Hibbert says: HONG 10 Alkolil v. ThesisCheerito final: Menno VS Wing Winner: Xunli Kirei Suki says: