A color is a composite of some basic colors. They have finite area. What we get as a result, for the entire image, are 3 matrices, one representing each color. The use of images in human communication is hardly new — our cave-dwelling ancestors painted pictures on the walls of their caves, and the use of maps and building plans to convey information almost certainly dates back to pre-Roman times. The Social History and Industrial Classification, maintained by the Museum Documentation Association, is a subject classification for museum cataloguing. The color of each pixel is determined by the combination of the red, green, and blue intensities stored in each color plane at the pixel’s location.

Syntax to create database: The average values of R, G, and B used for calculating the Euclidean distance is the same value which is used in the retrieval of images using RGB components for color images. Content Based Image Retrieval is an application for retrieving the images from a huge set of image databases based on the image features such as color, texture and some other attributes. The system then changes these examples into its internal representation of feature vectors. I am really interested in this project as it is really good. This project makes use of five methods to retrieve both Color and Gray scale images.

Content Based Image Retrieval is an application for repor the images from a huge set of image databases based on the image features such as color, texture and some other attributes.

I really need your help as I am not good at coding in matlab. However, the technology still lacks maturity, and is not yet being used on a significant scale. Examples include the Vienna classification for trademark images [World Intellectual Property Organization, ], used by registries Worldwide to identify potentially conflicting trademark applications, and the Opitz coding system for machined parts [Opitz et al, ], used to identify families of similar parts which can be manufactured together.


Queries to shape retrieval systems are formulated either by identifying an example image to act as the query, or as a relort sketch. Spatial indexing is seldom useful on its own, though it has proved effective in combination with other cues such as color and shape.

cbir thesis report

Exclusive Digi-key Tools Embedded computers. A number of less widely-known schemes have been devised to classify images and drawings for specialist purposes. Submitted by vigna priya.

Content based Image Retrieval (CBIR) using MATLAB

In addition, copies of certain types of images may involve many layers of intellectual property rights, pertaining to the original work, its copy e. Such metadata must be generated by a human and stored alongside each image in the database.

cbir thesis report

However, many libraries and archives use in-house schemes for the description of the subject content. If I is a binary image, n can only have the value 2.

The problems of managing a large image collection. The photograph will be filed with the main record for the person concerned, which in a manual system is a paper-based file. The logical image representation in image databases systems is based on different image data models. Here we fix the dimension of the image to be X for the image analysis and feature extraction.

Although MATLAB is slower than some languages such as Cits built in functions and syntax makes it a more versatile and faster programming environment for image processing. Most current keyword-based image retrieval systems leave a great deal to be desired. Improved algorithms for spatial retrieval are still being proposed. But the ability to match on texture similarity can often be useful in distinguishing between areas of images with similar color such as sky and sea, or leaves and grass.

This yields a potential of 16 million colors. Virtually all maintain some description of the subject content of their images. In both the windows they will have the option of selecting the one of the implemented methods.


It contains ready functions for matrix manipulations and image visualization and allows a program to have modular structure.

Only in very specialist areas such as crime prevention has CBIR technology been adopted to any significant extent. There is a wide range of professions lying between these two extremes, including medicine and law.

But the real engine of the imaging revolution has been the computer, bringing with it a range of techniques for digital image capture, processing, storage and transmission which would surely have startled even pioneers like John Logie Baird.

Log in or register to post comments. For an reoprt which as height of 5 pixels and width of 10 pixels the theis matrix would be a 5 by 10 matrix for grayscale image. Can you please help me out?

Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) | MATLAB Project Report

The term has since been widely used to describe the process of retrieving desired images from a large collection on the basis of features such as colour, texture and shape that can be automatically extracted from the images themselves. The advantage of using this method is instead of taking mean value of all the rows as the index, we take only one value as the index for that image.

cbir thesis report

A recent extension of the technique is the texture thesaurus, which retrieves textured regions in thhesis on the basis of similarity to automatically-derived code words representing important classes of texture within the collection.

We have created our own databases of the images taken from standard database of Caltech and found out the efficiency of different methods for the comparative analysis of all the methods employed.