Agree to call weekly telling him or her of your progress. The Thesis Committee Your work on a thesis will be under the direction of a thesis committee. The deadlines for scheduling the final oral examination. Some departments require the student to give an oral defense of the thesis before it is submitted to the dean of the School of Graduate Studies for approval. Working on a thesis under the tutelage of faculty provides an opportunity for learning that is not always found in other graduate school activities. You are going to write a Master’s thesis, a demanding and intellectually challenging task. The retention of minority students in higher education.

For example, you might want one faculty member who is knowledgeable in the particular content area of your thesis and a second who has expertise in research methodology. Regularly talk with your advisor about your ideas. MyCatalog Add this page Print this page. For more discussion of the preparation of a proposal, see Cone and Foster ; Krathwohl, A copy of the approved thesis proposal must be submitted to the dean of the School of Graduate Studies by the thesis advisor. In addition to the original and copy of the thesis, students may prepare final copies of the thesis for their thesis advisor, other members of their committee, and themselves if they wish. A complete description of how to use the various electronic databases is beyond the scope of this manual, but Burritt Library provides specific instructions on using the many databases on Consuls and in the reference section third floor of the library, as well as regularly offering classes in search techniques.

It is best to submit materials at least to your committee chair one chapter at a time. Page 25 Section Three Nursing Research Procedures Page 25 Research Competency Nursing majors are expected to develop their research skills throughout the program and demonstrate this skill in the final research More information.

ccsu graduate thesis handbook

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Thesis (Plan A)

Do write down interesting ideas, thoughts and quotations as you come across them in your readings as well as notes on discussions with faculty and peers, etc. Various academic departments have identified examples of good Master’s theses written by Central Connecticut graduate students in Chapter 4, Table Table 1 below is based on an examination of Master’s theses completed between Please note that this is an informal study and does not include all theses completed during this period but only those available in the Burritt Library Reserve Room at the time theses were examined.

Alain D Amour Graduate Coordinator. Do choose an idea that can sustain your interest over a long period of time. Again, place a label with your name and thesis title on the center of the cover and put a second label stating COPY in the upper right hand corner. It should contain the following elements: Rochester Institute of Technology Master’s Thesis Guidelines for Students and Faculty Rochester Institute of Technology Master’s Thesis Guidelines for Students and Faculty The objective of this document is to provide guidance for students and faculty committees concerning the planning, More information.

If your work depends on access to certain library materials or other documents, e. The thesis process presents an opportunity for a close working relationship ccsy can be a powerful learning experience, but there has to be a certain amount of “personal chemistry” for this to develop. All the reading, deliberation and discussion with your committee should culminate in the writing of your thesis proposal.

A digitized copy of the thesis is also required, accompanied by the permission form signed by the student and thesis advisor. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

Also, keep in mind that each semester you have not completed the thesis, you will see a grade of INC Incomplete on your transcript. No single research effort or methodology can answer all the relevant questions on a particular topic. Both quantitative and qualitative methodologies are explored.


The abstract should be written with approximately words or from one to two pages. Table suggests the contents of a proposal for an investigative study, while Table suggests the typical format of a descriptive or historical study.

This sharing of information stimulates education and research.

Graduate Studies – Master Thesis Handbook

Copies of such approval should be attached to the CCSU forms to expedite the review process. Thezis include a minimum of 63 credits beyond the master’s degree of approved graduate courses and a dissertation. Thirdly, don’t feel that you have to write the whole thesis before you can ask your committee for feedback on what you’ve written.

The advisor and committee of a minimum of one additional faculty member must approve the thesis proposal and the thesis prior to the submission of each item to the dean of the School of Graduate Studies, who assures that the thesis meets University standards for format and quality through her approval.

Thus, the first step is to identify a general research area that you would like to pursue.

Capstone Rubric Graduae D: Please see Chapter 4 for the specific requirements of your department. In selecting your committee members, you should keep in mind their role.

Graduate Student Research

At minimum, you may summarize your academic background and honors and pertinent employment history. These guidelines More information. Additional information–about your family, your interests, your long-term goals–is acceptable. If it seems handboom a possible topic would take a long time to complete assuming regular effortyou should consider narrowing the topic or selecting another topic. Students are to fill out the area course check-list.

ccsu graduate thesis handbook