Go to our other sites. Our programmes set the global standard for international education. You must complete and attach them to each piece of work in the coursework sample. Instructions to readers Give this document to anyone acting as a reader in your exams. We have resource lists which can be iltered to show all resources, or just those which are endorsed by Cambridge. Appropriate harmonisation; effective use of techniques to develop and connect ideas, showing 7—8 good aural familiarity across a range of relevant techniques. Duple, triple or irregular metre.

It is essential that Centres download this document from the Cambridge Website, as it contains details of vocabulary, speciic instruments and other contextual information that candidates may be asked about in the examination. Recorder 1 Middle-range notes only, mostly stepwise movement. Once you have checked the samples database, you need to pack your candidates’ work correctly and send it to us so that it arrives before the deadline. Some evidence of awkwardness in the use of resources, and keeping to very simple textures 1—3 and narrow registers, with restricted use of textural variety. Compositions that display some elements of musical understanding and a 19—26 37—52 degree of aural perception, but are uneven in quality in several assessment areas. Singers who choose to accompany themselves e.

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Effective in overall structure, with good attention to aspects of contrast and continuity, 7—8 although showing some imbalance between sections. Assessment criteria for coursework 7. This includes all instances of suspected candidate malpractice in timetabled exams or other assessments.

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Details of all such equipment, together with the facilities used, must be given on the Performing Working Mark Sheet. You must complete and attach them to each piece of work in the coursework sample. Exam day checklist Use our checklist to make sure you are completely prepared for the exam. coursedork


cie submitting coursework

Component 1 Listening c. Resubmission of coursework Information about resubmission of coursework can be found in the Cambridge Administrative Guide.

An inadequate range of very basic skills, allowing the candidate to perform at an elementary level. Coursework identification labels – Teacher Assessment – Label 3. Packing and voursework samples transcript. The video shows you how to submit internally assessed marks Moderating your internal marks If more than one teacher is involved in the marking of coursework for a component, you must internally moderate the marking across teachers and teaching groups.

Suspected centre staff malpractice report: Additional information for regulated syllabuses This syllabus appears on the Register of Regulated Qualiications http: Very simple keys, Keyboard few accidentals, no modulation. Composition 1 must be written in a Western, tonal style and must demonstrate familiarity with the basic principles of traditional harmonic language; this composition must be cursework notated using staff submittihg and the score must be submitted with the recording.

Style Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Twentieth Century including impressionism, neo-classicism, jazz, minimalism. Additional information for regulated syllabuses Information about entry codes can be found in the Cambridge Guide to Making Entries.

Administrative forms and guidance documents

You can down additional labels here. Texture Melody and accompaniment, homophonic, polyphonic, monophonic, heterophonic, parallel motion.

Centres must also consider the element of harmony, whether explicit as in the piano accompaniment to an instrumental melody or implicit as in the case of an unaccompanied song or solo instrumental line. A copy of the sheet music of performances must be submitted for all pieces where it is available in print. In the examination, candidates will be tested on a range of knowledge and understanding of the prescribed World Focus.


Administrative forms and guidance documents

Compositional devices Repetition, imitation, sequence, canon, ostinato, drone, Alberti bass, pedal tonic and dominantcontrary motion. Candidates are expected to follow any complete or skeleton scores or diagrams provided. To ask us to send work back, complete the relevant form: The importance of experiencing the sound of the music at irst hand cannot be stressed too much.

Music requiring sensitivity to dynamics, and using standard conventions such as ills where appropriate. Each centre must select one teacher per component to act as an internal moderator. Performances which are very good in coursewok and control of technique, communicating a 35—42 high level of musical understanding of the music in programmes made up of pieces demanding well-developed skills for coursesork performance at submittingg level but lacking the consistent excellence to be placed in the highest category.

Phase 3 – Teacher assessment

Descriptor Mark An entirely appropriate choice of tempo, consistently maintained throughout the performance OR 5 excellent co-ordination with the backing track OR excellent ensemble co-ordination. This permission is only granted on the understanding that Internal Moderation must be carried out at the Centre. Very simple keys, few accidentals, no etc. Some imaginative musical ideas, showing a secure sense of musical inventiveness, 7—8 but perhaps submjtting in range.