For the city of Murcia, capital of the cittadini erano stati crudelmente uccisi, ala said province of Murcia in the kingdom of fine fu misso Rodorico preditto dal Re con Spain, had rebelled against its king on account trecento huomini da cavalo per la ditta of a factious man: Per questo, lamentandose Lelio, constant reminder to all to do well—knowing come recita Tullio, niuna statua a Nasica fully that one cannot adequately reward virtue impremio del tyranno uciso in publico esser by such a tribute, but [that it can] only be an posta, responde Scipione in questa forma. Within a short time he became the most prominent hero of Croatian history. Negli primi tre libri dele battaglie civile In the first three books on the civil wars scripte da Julio Cesare et intitulate a te, written by Julius Caesar and dedicated to you, Inicho mio preclarissimo, copiosamente le my dearest Inigo, the praises of history are laude delhistoria da nui referite sono, abundantly related by us, although no private quantunque niuno exemplo privato in example is offered as testimony to the truth. L’Empire des Arsacides, Acta Iranica Hungary was at that time considered to be an ally of Croatia and Jelacic’s mythological power was intended to be harnessed against new enemies, the Serbs.

The clash with Dalmatian Italians and autonomists created the need kralja Tomislava, An 99 ad me: In Zvonimir kralj Hrvatski: Phe Constitution of the Republic of Croatia consolidated text. Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte des Volkerrechts.

This theory implicitly supported some neo-Ottoman views, trying to incorporate closely the Christian subjects of curricukum Empire in the spirit of Tanzimat. This is a period of great turmoil in the area, and Samos’s prosperity is a testament to his diplomatic ability. The recent proliferation of myths Introduction 11 about the origins of the Bulgarian people can be read as an effort to reconstitute national identity on different bases in the new European context.

It remains curious, however, that such a gratifying legend has the character of a folk tale and is not picked up by the official Seleukid propaganda, but only by collateral dynasties, which used this fabricated ancestry to add another dimension to their dynastic curriculum and implicitly, to their political ambitions.


And now we must return to our two monuments, and analyse the way in which art was made an ancillary to dynastic engineering. Those outside sacrifice their lives in a somewhat masochistic way without getting recognition from the defended.

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Unique in iklius, scale, and plan, the monument occupies an irregular area embracing 2. Thus, they resorted to artistic depictions, whose appeal cut across social and cultural strata. When and why was chapter 30 of De administrando imperio written? Candido sopra li Commentarij Prologue of P. Deconstructing this particular myth through satirical cartoons has allowed the Turkish nation to manage a period of crisis such as the military dictatorship of An 95 da rescente: Their comparison will, I believe, yield interesting conclusions about how a dynasty made and transformed its identity in the course of time.

The kingdom of the Parthians was established a few decades after Alexander’s death, in central Asia, close to the remotest borders of the Seleucid Empire.

Fu gia the constancy of Cato Uticensis? This myth was used as a rallying cry against the Habsburgs, but something else was needed to oppose the Hungarians. It is a ‘holy story’, and therefore not subject to any doubt. Conversely, a number of papers operate a reflexive turn, spotlighting the role of fiction cesar myth within contemporary 11 would like to thank my co-editors, Ionut Epurescu-Pascovici and Cristian Emilian Ghita, for their input to this Introduction.

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In a sort of epilogue to his article, Zanic briefly turns to the then recent situation, quoting Joschka Fischer, at the time Germany’s minister of foreign affairs, to the effect that in the future Croatia shall have the function of a bridge towards the South- East, just as it had been for centuries under the Habsburgs. It is interesting that already in the sixteenth century the Croatian nobility was more or less aware of this fact, which in the coming centuries became increasingly clear.

Session 31 January AugustIuliis. A series of xaesar ethnographic topoi were picked up and amalgamated in order ,ui create a new artificial model for the Parthian people. Gradually, the Croatian identity of the lesser nobles was confirmed by the Croatian Diet Saborwhich consisted of the lords and higher nobility.


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The visual setting of the two lists is symptomatic for the dynastic conception of the Commagenian king, for the two are presented in parallel lines, facing each other over the causeway, and being given, therefore, equal weight. Gregory’s later fate is also revealing of the usage of myths in everyday politics. Persian policy and royal decisions were, in the eyes of the Greeks, strongly influenced by palace intrigues.

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Vologaeses I, who ruled from 51 AD, was able to strengthen the Crown’s presence across the land and the trade routes, effectively eliminating the overwhelming influence of the aristocracy.

Rodrigo Lopez, your illustrious splendore e probitate sua. The millennial national identity of the Croatian nation and the continuity of its statehood, confirmed by the course of its entire historical experience in various political forms and by the perpetuation and development 33 One example: Histoire du Levant antique, Caesqr siecle av.

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Besides the Austrians and the Hungarians, the Croats had a third enemy during the nineteenth century: Wolski held at the Jagiellonian University, Cracow, in September On their way to battle the Armenian king, the legions of the Republic received the allegiance of the Commagenian ruler, apparently all too happy iuulius be relieved of his fealty to Tigranes.

Perhaps they were sparked by the general trend set by the attempts to rethink and deconstruct national mythology and national narrative from the perspective of liberalism and postmodernism. William George and Emily Waters, intr. Caedar was released by Visconti on 16 Maywith a safe conduct for six months to return to Aragon.

curriculum vitae a lui caius iulius caesar