Managerial works along with action research and planning for a nucleus heard of cattle and pig. Monitoring of all 16 districts of Eastern Region with respect to program execution of livestock development. You don’t have sufficient permissions to see personal data of the candidate. With my broad range of studies, I can be a good fit and great addition in the field of Pharmaceuticals and Bio Pharmaceuticals sector. It also includes BCS and other job preparation,job exam result, job exam schedule and job news in Bangla. Skip to main content.

I also had the opportunity to mentor students for their bachelor thesis. Bangladesh Development bank Job Circular Apply — www. We also posted and Data gathering, Analysis and Critical review of plans, project, activities and research works. Sudarshan Prasad Regmi, 5. I am capable of doing followings: Newer Post Older Post Home.

Apart from formulation, I also participated in process based risk assessments to determine critical quality attributes CAQs. Water Resource Management and Livestock Productivity: Community development work, based on agriculture, micro-credit, livestock and micro- entrepreneurship.

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As a part of my master thesis, I interned as a formulation intern at Innocore Pharmaceuticals. Newer Post Older Post Home.

curriculum vitae dls

Give directives to plan the effective programs and implement the programs of the 16 districts and build a team work action plan at sub-center as well as at district level for effective program launch. Hyphen Projects uses cookies to remember certain preferences and align jobs interests. Worked with local and national level NGOs in income generation program activities for value based approach and orientation.


Married two Children Date of birth: Bangladesh Development bank Job Circular Apply — www. Study of Common Pastureland in Hills of Nepal.

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Sustainable development approach for better results. Workout inclusion of gender analysis and social exclusions and mapping activities bases on PRA, RRA for program planning and monitoring. Also for the same, I was actively involved in developing suitable analytical methods vtae characterize the prepared nanoparticles, conduct stability studies, perform various cell culture analysis to test toxicity, morphology using different staining methods.

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By Sunil Aryal and Naresh Dangi. Sudarshan Prasad Regmi, 5. About Giyan Bitan Soratemplates is a blogger resources site is a provider of high quality blogger template with premium looking layout and robust design.

You have to visit there official website. Excellent in reading and speaking, and good curroculum writing. Farm Manager at Jiri Livestock Dev.


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Department of Livestock Services, Harihar Bhawan. Not mandatory Last Date: Lalitpur, Nepal Contact tel. Worked under pressure during Maoist period without any tension and even in harsh climatic condition from High hills to Terai. Skip to main content. Curriculhm of Contour Hedgerow: Bachelor of Science, B Sc.

You don’t have sufficient permissions to see personal data of the candidate. Monitoring and evaluation of the ongoing programs and activities at grass root level.

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I understand that any willfully misstatement described herein may lead to disqualification or dismissal, if employed. Other experience 20 years on and capability developed for: I hope to have the opportunity to apply my skills as well as add new skills to my knowledge and grow in an environment that is conducive to help me grow as a professional. Training farmers, people from disadvantage groups on income generation through livestock, agriculture, and forestry.

A Tool for Sustainable Agricultural Production: