Nature Rev Neurosci Cortical neuronal ensembles accurately predict leg kinematic parameters and EMG patterns during bipedal locomotion in monkeys. XXXII , no. Translated in 8 languages: A Undergraduate Courses taught:

Dissociation of spatial, mnemonic, attentional, and intentional signals related to reaching movements and eye movements in frontal cortex Neural Control of Movement Meeting, Naples, Florida. La actualidad de Karl Marx , D. York University, Department of Sociology Committees: Submitted on November 1, Translated in 8 languages:

Quodlibet, pages. G Dictionary and Encyclopedia Entries: Multichannel multiplexing of stimulation and recording in brain-machine-brain interfaces. Decoding and encoding with multielectrode implants Neurizons. Science Transl Med, 5: Active exploration of invisible targets assisted by an artificial touch sensation based on intracortical microstimulation.

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Corresponding Editor for Germany. Specialized High School 60, Moscow High school diploma gold medal.

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Navigation through space enabled by a brain-machine interface. LIVn. Translations in 16 languages: Ripensare Marx e i marxismi.

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Visual responses of primary somatosensory cortex S1 neurons to virtual touch of a virtual arm. Chapters in Books 12 11 published, 1 in press. Clinics Sao Paulo66 Suppl 1: Appunti biografici del “, Critica Marxista, no.


Noise-enhanced intracortical microstimulation for virtual touch. University of Tennessee, Memphis Ph.

curriculum vitae znachenie

Sparse subspace clustering for automated spike sorting. Similar in purpose to the Habilitation in some other European countries, the process involves evaluation of research and publications by a national committee within each academic field for permanent appointment or subsequent vifae. Representation of context in primate prefrontal cortex during visually guided saccadic eye movements.

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Eur J Neurosci Utopia, Power and Sovereignty: Feedback and feedforward loops in somatosensory system. Submitted on November 1, I Grundrisse di Karl Marx. Radio 3, 15 MarchNaples Italy. Towards a bi-directional brain-machine interface: Brain-machine interfaces Startup VillageMoscow, Russia. Decoding multiple vtae variables from neuronal ensemble activity Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International, Kyoto, Japan.

The central purposes of my work have been: Brain-machine interfaces Science-artMoscow, Russia.

Processing of spatial information in frontal cortex Department of Neurobiology, Duke University. Italian 2Spanish 1Korean 1and Tamil 2for a total of 5 books. Science and Innovations in Medicine. Manifestolibri, pages.