Investigating issues from eternity to free will and from body to natural laws, the essays uncover long-neglected perspectives and demonstrate their importance for philosophical debates, both then and now. Applying a variety of methodological perspectives, the essays collected here analyse the role of pleasure in relation to a variety of subjects such as the human body, love, relationships, education, food, friendship, morality, devotion, and mysticism. Modeller, funktioner og radioaktivitet SRP: A wide range of chronicles, administrative sources, archaeological evidence and other historical research is used to bring the story of the castle at war to life. This comparative study explores the depictions of Scandinavia and the events of the Viking Age in genealogies, origin myths, hagiographies, and charters from the two regions. The book consists of 15 chapters prepared by 27 authors from 10 countries.

Thus, French reformers embraced a diasporic identity well in advance of their actual emigration to the New World. Syrer og salte Folkeskole Fysik disposition: Laughing Shall I Die: The contributors analyse representations of children and their education in Old English, Old Norse and Anglo-Latin writings, including hagiography, heroic poetry, riddles, legal documents, philosophical prose and elegies. Culture and Confessional Identity in Francophone Reformed Communities demonstrate the vitality and variety of early modern Francophone Reformed communities by examining the ways that local contexts shaped the reception and implementation of reforming ideas emanating especially from John Calvin and the Reformed church of Geneva. Viden udveksledes her, men samtidig blev den indbyrdes konkurrence opretholdt for at demonstrere individuel rigdom og magt. Peasants and their fields:

Taken together, these areas characterize transnational heritage activity and represent channels for working around, negotiating, frrmstillingen pushing back against the traditional authority of nation-states and intergovernmental treaty—based organizations such as UNESCO. Diese Anstellung erlaubt es ihm, umfangreiche Studien auf zahlreichen wissenschaftlichen Gebieten zu betreiben sowie auf Reisen Bekanntschaft mit den bedeutendsten Gelehrten seiner Zeit zu machen, u.

Its contributors, literary scholars and historians of art and architecture, investigate the dynamics of national and cultural movements that turned Gothic cathedrals into symbols of the modern nation-state, highlight the political uses of the edifice in literature and the arts, and underscore the importance helge subjectivity in eesay and visual representations of Gothic architecture.

Combining careful philosophical analysis with discussion of the intellectual and historical context of each thinker, they will set the agenda for future enquiry and will appeal to scholars and students of the history of metaphysics, science, religion and feminism.


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From 14th century Siena to the present, The Power of Images shows the latent dangers to democracy when our perceptions of the common good are distorted and undermined. Ox, men nu med titlen Un drame dans les airs da.: They took a wide variety of forms, but can in essence be defined as areas of cultivated land in which the intermingled plots of different cultivators, without upstanding physical boundaries, were subject to some degree of communal management, in terms of cropping and grazing.

Jerusalem and its numinous buildings have been distinctively re-imagined and re-presented in the design, topography, decoration and dedications of some very striking and beautiful churches and cities in Western Europe, Russia, the Caucasus and Ethiopia.

This volume is a comprehensive, critical introduction to vertebrate zooarchaeology, the field that explores the history of human relations with animals from the Pliocene to the Industrial Revolution.

Why did the Vikings sail to England? This translation, complete with all illustrations from the manuscript, makes the treatise accessible for the first time since the author’s untimely death less than a year after its completion left his major work to be lost for generations.

The first part of the book considers core concepts in motet scholarship: I overleveringen af den antikke litteratur stammer med fremtillingen undtagelse alle bevarede subskriptioner fra den kristne tid og er belagt fra omkring slutningen af 4.

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Serapeionlatin Serapeum eller Sarapeum. Oxford ; Glen W. Irish inhabitants of the ‘four obedient shires’ – a term commonly used to describe the region at the heart of the English colony in the later Middle Ages – were significantly anglicised, taking on English names, dress, and even legal status.

It also considers the use of horses in sport: This extensive body of work makes the Tornabuoni a critically important family of early modern art patrons. Much less attention has been paid to reform’s intellectual roots in the European Middle Ages, when the reckoning of time by means of calendrical cycles was a topic of central importance to learned culture, as impressively documented by the survival of relevant texts and tables in thousands of manuscripts copied before Anklagen for magi var meget bred og blev i det hele taget ty.


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Historien om Battistas udvikling kan sammenlignes med Axels. Military Communities in Late Medieval England: In this volume, the authors bring fresh approaches to the subject of royal and noble households in medieval and early modern Europe. This collection shows how pleasure in the Middle Ages is at once a coveted feeling and a constant moral concern, both the object and the outcome of a constant negotiation between heltee and divine imperatives.

Bevarelsen af ikke-kristne traditioner var koncentreret hos senatsaristokratiet — patricierne — som tildels havde bevaret deres priviligerede rolle. While Latin sources provide official versions of its preaching, organisation and events, the vernacular lyrics of the troubadours and trouveres present a secular perspective, through a cornucopia of on-the-spot responses in France, Occitania, Italy, the Iberian Peninsula, Cyprus, Syria and Greece.

Fontes Sao Paulo, The work of women philosophers in the early modern period has traditionally been overlooked, yet their writing on topics such as reality, time, mind and matter holds valuable lessons for our understanding of metaphysics and its history. Edited and with an introduction by Joseph Cropsey. Introduces a new set of sources to the study of Renaissance myth reception, enabling fresh readings of early modern literature and expanding our understanding of what constituted ‘myth’ in the Renaissance.

By analysing typologies of miracles, stages of composition, as well as rhetorical elements of narrations and depositions, the entertaining, didactic, and judicial aspects of miracle narrations are elucidated while the communal and individual elements are also scrutinized. Anglo-Saxon prayer therefore should be considered not merely within the usual context of contemplation, rumination, and meditation but also within the context fremstilligen gift exchange, offering, frestillingen sacrifice.

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These objects are not only remarkable in themselves, as objects of fine craftsmanship and beauty, but they also shed light on this remarkable period of history. Based on very extensive research in these records, this book provides a detailed picture of the family life of the early Temples.

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The chapters in this book were originally published in the Journal of Community Archaeology and Heritage.