Now there are two leaders, Imran Khan and Dr. The judiciary sent a wholesome message to politicians to sort out their problems themselves and if this leads to a fall in settlement of political issues through judicial verdicts it will be good for democracy. When Pakistan was struck by its worst Tragedy of Peshawar , people in Pakistan were looking for a angry and motivated protest on the streets, had Imran Khan any political maturity rather than copying other models he would have taken people on streets, but he caved in on terrorism and age ain started talking about remarrying at age This is the only way that leadership of our religious political parties, and in particular the likes of Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman, will be made to answer and justify their position on the issue. May 21, Opposition protest THE opposition has gathered on one platform and the power maps are out one more time. Imran Khan has been copying Tahrir Square model protest from Egypt as advised by his support fro JI, but it was a failure as things in Egypt were against a dictator ruling for 20 years, in Pakistan Imran Khan came into lime light by same elections Nawaz Shareef won recently. Secondly, the dharna triggered a wider debate on the right to protest.

Rehman January 01, This narrative — demonstrating that the clauses were changed as a result of deliberative legislative process, agreed upon by a wide spectrum of political parties — needs to come forth. Surely this insanity must end to pave way for progress and peace. On the one hand are those who are looking to find space within the political paradigm, and on the other are those who enjoy a virtual hegemony over political discourse. If there was some moment and method that could resolve this issue peacefully, it has come and gone. Dear reader, online ads enable us to deliver the journalism you value. Secondly, the dharna triggered a wider debate on the right to protest.

But the government does not appear to have any patience for learning. We reiterate our conviction that the current impasse should be resolved peacefully through dialogue within the framework of the constitution and we urge all parties to act responsibly and to refrain from using violence.


Britain supports continuation of democracy in Pakistan and has pressed upon the fact that the ongoing political crisis should be resolved democratically Through research, it has been observed ppakistan the monthly figures of Dhxrna make for another sorry reading given Eid holidays as well as political instability gripping the country.

On the one had are those who believe that they are shouting slogans for the one true Prophet SAWW of Islam… and on the other are those defending the political collapse of an indicted individual. Qadri, who woke up the people with speeches and dharna, I want to see how long Nawaz Shariff will be able to last his presidency. If such a well-funded and well-backed agitation did not achieve its declared objective then the message to future change-makers is not very encouraging.

In the circumstances, saner heads must find a way to resolve this conflict peacefully. Once a client is lost it is extremely difficult to get him back.

essay on dharna in pakistan

Also, China terms Pakistan as its largest investment destination in South Asia and will remain so in the years to come. May 20, CTP gear up operation against professional beggars. How far will we stretch our luck?

Impact of dharnas on economy and foreign relations | Pakistan Today

Do some serious work for Pakistan!!! These losses are much heavier than those calculated by the two speaking members of the federal cabinet the ministers of finance and interior. The head that wears the crown. If there was some moment and method that could resolve this issue peacefully, it has rharna and gone.

For instance, the prime minister discovered parliament. They local govt elections should work as political nurseries acting as training and nurturing facilities for them.

The container dharna reinforced the model of elite-dictated discourse. Of more immediate concern was the fact that the kn aggravated the civil-military imbalance, weakened the civilian part of the establishment, diverted attention from the military operation in the tribal areas, disrupted the parliamentary agenda, and brought efforts to reform the foreign policy to a standstill.

What IK has done in recent months in dharna is outstanding courage, potential, commitment and marvelous leadership qualities when he ended his do or die adventure on the sake of country,s urgent problem.


essay on dharna in pakistan

It was argued by dharna participants that they are merely exercising their constitutional right to protest, as protected under Eseay 16 and 17 of the Constitution. This could deter many from taking up cudgels in defence of their rights.

Impact of dharnas on economy and foreign relations

This displays how a small number of people are hijacking not only the capital, but the economy as well. Dollar climbs to Rs While both Qadri and Imran Khan often correctly identified the failures of the government and the flaws in the system as a whole, they could not guide the people in their search for credible alternatives. They have also correctly pointed out that evoking religious sentiments, amidst a street-mob, in order to achieve political and legislative goals, is terrible precedent in a country where religious divides frequently end with blood-shed.

At this point in time it is demanded from us to be sensible and believe that the politics of disobedience will earn us no respect. We must agree that all political disputes should be settled politically.

essay on dharna in pakistan

According to him, diplomatic channels and officials of the two countries had done a lot of preparation for a positive and concrete outcome to the visit. Why would the Australian team visit Gallipoli for inspiration?

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And the first of these needs to be a cogent response to: Alas govt did not learn a lesson and still avoiding election probe. And only in this way can the ongoing debate be reframed: And would we ever be in a position to deny their methods tomorrow, if we support their method pakisstan Govt working on new petroleum policy offering pxkistan to foreign exploration: Please support us by taking a moment to turn off Adblock on Dawn.