These pneumococcal antibody assays will be important in performing the studies described in the current proposal. We hypothesize that disruption of the gene allows a strain initially expressing 11A capsule to avoid a host humoral response by changing its capsule structure, resulting in an 11E infection. As part of the curriculum in the UAB Department of Microbiology, we must present and defend a grant proposal for a project unrelated to our work in lab, prior to proposing our thesis project. Despite the development of effective vaccines and antimicrobial therapies, the adaptable pneumococcus continues to have a widespread impact as a pathogen. Human sera at optimal dilutions according to Aim 2c will be absorbed with increasing concentrations of purified PS, and we will detect for decreases in killing. Unacceptable There should be a description of precautions and containment procedures in place for infectious pneumococcal strains. The environment at the UAB is outstanding and collaborative.

Additionally, I have collaborated with an epidemiology study of pneumococcus in daycare centers in Brazil. Mouse antibody to phosphocholine can protect mice from infection with mouse-virulent human isolates of Streptococcus pneumoniae. Who can be a potential sponsor? Overall environment is excellent. We would expect a higher population of de novo 11E to emerge in the passively immunized mice compared to the control group. The 11A serotype appears to be filling the void left by widespread use of the pediatric vaccine in North America and has been associated with greater rates of day mortality relative to other serotypes

September 17, Minutes: I am currently pursuing my doctoral thesis in the laboratory of Dr. Perhaps your Office of Research has this type of resource sissertation to you, but perhaps you need to do it and organize it in your own way.

My laboratory has been studying diversity of pneumococcal capsule and pneumococcal antibodies.

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These findings make a strong case for the consideration of 11A in future vaccine design. Comparative studies of these closely related serotypes may reveal what roles capsular O-acetylation plays in pneumococcal pathology. I decided to attend the University of Alabama Birmingham UAB because it is among the largest biomedical centers in the United States of America and is among the top ranked hospital systems in the country. Weaknesses The project is highly ambitious.


However, small capsule expression differences will have minimal effect on antibodymediated opsonophagocytosis. Propose a plan to receive instruction in responsible conduct of research or participate as a course lecturer, etc. Point out any procedures, situations, or materials that may be hazardous to personnel and precautions to be exercised.

Discuss the respective roles in accomplishing the proposed research.

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This project has already afforded me the opportunity to work closely with a junior graduate student. Since aim 3c will be using conjugated vaccine, it is likely that subject mice will not develop an exclusively antiA response. Total antibody concentrations will be determined akin to aim 2b, and functional antibody levels will be determined akin to aims 2c and 2d. Individuals with disabilities, who are defined as those with a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities, as described in the Americans with Disabilities Act ofas amended.

Most of the 5 points are missing as are the numbers of animals to be used which can bar funding. Protective meningococcal capsular polysaccharide epitopes and the role of O acetylation.

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Weaknesses It would be better to have a mentoring team to monitor the progress of Mr. Hollingshead specializes in the genetic evolution of pneumococcus; Dr.

Given the rise in prevalence of the 11A serotype, a murine model is pertinent for future studies. Lipoteichoic acid is important in innate immune responses to grampositive bacteria.


The Training Plan is thorough multi-pronged approaches to study the underlying microbial pathogenesis which is likely to lead to advancements in vaccine development. Aim 2 – uses sera from vaccinated individuals and Aim 1 includes 11A isolates from pediatric patients – thus disserfation from human subjects are involved.

The laboratory is also the NIH Reference Laboratory for respiratory bacterial pathogens and the ongoing collaborations with both basic science and clinician researchers provides opportunities for the applicant to participate in collaborative grqnt and infectious disease research relevant to public health. Humoral responses will be assessed from every mice used in this study to determine correlations between titers and bacterial growth in hosts.

Antibodies will be assessed for exclusive or near exclusive opsonization of 11A in vitro using OPKA described above.

These experiences provided a strong disertation in basic laboratory techniques and exposed me to the lifestyles of an academic scientist. If differences are detected in capsule production, we will design additional experiments to examine protective features, such as complement deposition, etc.

Skip to main content. Unacceptable There should be a description of precautions and containment procedures in place for infectious pneumococcal strains.

f31 dissertation grant

This result strongly suggests that a the 11E serotype is capable of emerging independently in different hosts and b there is a barrier to the epidemiological spread of an 11E strain. Clonal and capsular types decide whether pneumococci will act as a primary or opportunistic pathogen.

f31 dissertation grant

Examine nasopharyngeal NP isolates for the presence of 11E strains. This is essential and can bar funding. In the original version, these attachments met the page limits.