Furthermore, we demonstrate that using features and concepts from both modalities image and caption improves the performance for all types of pairs — a finding which is in line with results from research on multimodal approaches for other related tasks. What is special about Bethlehem, Pennsylvania? Addison Wesley, Chapters 3 and The whole system may also be regarded as an embodiment of the software component , thus, several layers of annotations may be stacked. Thus, the degree of influence is very high.

Based on the above disclosure and the following claims, other arrangements, embodiments, implementations and equivalents will be evident to those skilled in the art and may be employed without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention as defined by the claims. An approach to correction of erroneous links in knowledge graphs. Towards automatic topical classification of LOD datasets. This inheritance may be contrasted with a non-object-oriented programming model, in which the data and operations on the data do not have a tight, formal association. Nobody wants to live in a cold city where no music has been recorded: Wireless links is also another example. Such a situation will be specifically pointed out when not clear from the context.

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palheim The whole system may also be regarded as an embodiment of the dissertaiton componentthus, several layers of annotations may be stacked. Articles 1—20 Show more. The ontology-enabled API componentin general, interfaces between the software component to receive the object and the annotation engine component to receive the annotation and to generate the annotated object In one embodiment the present invention includes a computer-implemented method of annotating software objects.


Annotating objects means providing universally understandable information about the object, e. Other pieces of software can access the object only by calling its functions and procedures that have been allowed to be called by outsiders.

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The method of claim 1wherein the plurality of rules relate an ontology and a class model according to an arbitrary mapping. A collection of benchmark datasets for systematic evaluations of machine learning on the Semantic Web.

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Email address for updates. In general, a three tier hierarchy includes a presentation tier, an application tier, and a database tier. When the results of multiple rule heads are merged, each rule’s result is treated like a separate RDF document; thus, the blank nodes’ IDs are renamed to remain unique throughout the merged annotation. The rules storage may be implemented by a database server in the database tier.

When integrating systems, the implementation of the components to be integrated cannot or must not be changed in many cases, e.

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Our method identifies the connotation of objects beyond their denotation: A class model dissertatiom turn is task-specific, with the focus on an efficient implementation of an application for solving tasks in the modeled domain.

An embodiment of the present invention implements a rule-based approach for semantically annotating class models dynamically, which can be implemented in a non-intrusive way. An embodiment of the present invention uses objects.

heiko paulheim dissertation

A survey of approaches and evaluation methods H Paulheim Semantic jeiko 8 3, In sum, an embodiment implements the automatic generation of RDF annotations from Java objects and uses these annotations for message exchange between components. According to an embodiment, the rules define how to create an annotation document, the rules include categories and relations, and the categories and relations relate to a domain ontology.


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Results of the Ontology Alignment Evaluation Initiative Class models and ontologies are different by nature. Semantic-Enabled Advancements on the Web: A computer-implemented method of annotating software objects, comprising: A storage device hekio also provided for storing information and instructions. International Journal on Computer Science and Application: The rules storage componentin general, stores rules Thus, we create a dataset allowing for simultaneous evaluation of literal and non- literal image-caption pairs.

For example, the rules engine may register the rules so that the rules are on-hand for processing the object Vlissides, ” Design Patterns: The class model may also contain classes that do not have any corresponding category in the shared conceptualization, and therefore not in the ontology either. Computer system also includes a memory coupled to bus for disseration information and instructions to be executed by processorincluding information and instructions for performing the techniques described above.

As shown in FIG. In general, the software component generates an objectand the system generates an annotated object For reasons of simplicity, shortcuts are often used in a class model.