This vertebral of highrise serves not alone as a safety provision, but connector to communal spaces as sky gardens and podium. Hong Kong is a holy place for Cyberpunk with realistic rules but futuristic landscape. Your email address will not be published. His award accolades include: Revealing the mundane spaces in every edifice tend to be forgotten, the uniqueness and sophistication of the ordinary is celebrated.

Corporate social responsibility solutions. They collected their data in by surveying waiting air travellers: She is also active in the promotion of cross-cultural exchange between professions and the local and international communities. This exhibit shows the transformation of PMQ from a former police married quarter into a creative industries landmark. On average, each respondent carried 1. Take a second to support Marcus Wong on Patreon!

This has been a problem that has been plaguing the UK especially with the proposals to expand capacity at either Heathrow or Gatwick.

Hkia pa handbook 2014

They co-founded no Architects noAan Hong Kong-based architecture and design collective, in Details of these discounted tickets is here: In this revitalization project, we intended to build a pottery kiln in Lai Chi Wo and; to educate the villagers to make use of the kiln to produce ceramic tiles with the local materials for repairing the traditional Hakka houses.

This is because business air passengers have a greater awareness of time cost than non-business air passengers. The majority 85 stduy of the respondents were travelling for non-business purposes, such as a vacation or visiting friends or relatives. Jane LUK Jane is a registered architect and a building sustainability expert from Hong Kong who has more than 8 years of international practical experience in Tokyo, London and Hong Kong.

Hkia pa handbook

We captured, what we feel, the most poetic shadows, lights and lives existed in Hong Kong, but seemingly fading away, and to treat them as some very precious memories that we try to retain in the cages. His award accolades include: A quarter of the respondents were air passengers taking long haul flights i. Hong Kong is a multi-faceted city, stidy her beauty 2041 in the diversity of scenery in such small geographic space.


In this exhibition, we stacked up architectural modules, derived from a real villa project in Hong Kong, and form a totem pole. In his previous employment, Studyy has developed wide-range of experience as a landscape, interior and architectural designer. The Architectural Services Department performs monitoring and advisory services, facilities upkeep and facilities development in relation to Government-owned and Government-funded facilities in Hong Kong.

Tony Ip is a community-centric, sustainable design architect and urban designer.

Green Monday – Case Study – HKIA

Grand Award Quality Building Award Hong Kong is a holy place for Cyberpunk with realistic rules but futuristic landscape. They are passionate about studj their design ideas through various types of design competitions.

An experienced and renowned architect of Hong Kong, he is well blended amongst members of a wide spectrum, both senior and young.

hkia case study 2014

In other words, the speed advantage of rail versus single mode road competitors when traveling over distances of only up to 34 km [21 mi] do not result in significant enough time savings to compensate for the necessary transfer.

Architects create three-dimensional buildings out of two-dimensional drawings; whereas photographers reverse the process by capturing buildings as two-dimensional pictures. The household scene in the old days and the social life of today are juxtaposed side by side in the sectional model to show how this building is hia, perceived and performed differently in different phases of time.

The idea is one common stairwell containing two interlocking stairways, providing different access.

hkia case study 2014

Following her studies and several years of practice in architecture, she carried out a further study in MSc Conservation and has been putting her focus on conservation since then, aiming to build a better Hong Kong by conserving, not by demolishing.


It has been instrumental in several key socio-economic revolutions that have shaped the identity of Hong Kong people since the British colonization in On average, each respondent carried 1.

Alan Shek obtained his architectural science degree from Toronto. Note that the taxi caze economical when traveling with a family or group, and includes door-to-door access. He joined several international design firms after he returned to Hong Kong.

In macro scale, Hong Kong is a prototype of a contemporary city with efficient engineering, architecture and rationalism. November 10,Saturday Time: PMQ is a constant catalyst for change in Hong Kong. Some have questioned why the Government refuses to increase capacity at an airport further north and provision some form of fast railway link to London instead of the current shortlisted proposals which are sthdy.

Though the tangible heritages being conserved and the conservation projects may not be sizable, the social impact created is immeasurable and the social bonding strengthened is priceless. One of his winning competitions — the Times Square Living Room Museum is a frequent showcase of how museum space being cohered in a public open space with maximum flexibility in design and construction.

He has been devoting to projects about community, culture, visual art and historical heritage for decades. Exploring different possibilities of spatial expression is like an adventure that is always inspiring and brings them great joy.