DVLA is piloting new flexible working conditions, compatible with the needs of a modern workplace and workforce. The reform will also ensure that those who can afford a premium vehicle pay more. Rosemary Nelson Inquiry Closed organisation: As part of this, the agency works with local schools, colleges, universities and support agencies to offer a range of flexible work experience opportunities. The role will look to build partnerships with civic society groups and leaders. Milk Development Council Closed organisation: Gloucester Education Action Zone Closed organisation:

Equality E Closed organisation: Is this page useful? Baha Mousa Inquiry Closed organisation: Royal Commission on Criminal Justice Closed organisation: Ancient Monuments Board for Scotland Closed organisation:

Stoke Education Action Zone Closed organisation: Our strategy is to support ongoing customer compliance by making it as easy to tax as possible.

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Home-Grown Cereals Authority Closed organisation: Billy Wright Inquiry Closed organisation: Broadcasting Standards Commission Closed organisation: Ashington Education Action Zone Closed organisation: National Care Standards Commission Closed organisation: The Spending Review will carry us forward to Land Registers of Northern Ireland Closed organisation: Rivers Agency Closed organisation: Valuation and Lands Agency Closed organisation: Office of Telecommunications Closed organisation: UK uses cookies to make the site simpler.


We have also recruited additional staff with the necessary skills and expertise to deliver our Strategic Plan During the year, we will continue our focus on recruiting further medical professionals who will work on our most complex cases.

Housing Corporation Closed organisation: Criminal Records Bureau Closed organisation: Our technology transformation agenda goes beyond improving the services we offer hmts our customers.

We have already substantially reduced the amount of paper we use by putting more of our services online. Department of the Environment Northern Ireland Closed organisation: East Midlands Development Agency emda Closed organisation: Warship Support Agency Closed organisation: Meat and Livestock Commission Closed organisation: Parole Commissioners for Northern Ireland Closed organisation: Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure Closed organisation: The agency will deliver a range of training, development and talent management programmes across the organisation throughout Our registers provide crucial service to a wide range of customers, in both the public and private sectors.


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DVLA aims to become a hub for digital motoring. UK Film Council Closed organisation: Firearms Consultative Committee Closed organisation: In we will be undertaking a major restructuring of our IT services to deliver a fit-for-purpose organisation that is capable of delivering our IT Strategy.

This will contribute to economic growth and will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution on our roads. Standards Board for England Closed organisation: The digital licence service will only be available to driving licence holders who have authenticated themselves on GOV.

Hearing Aid Council Closed organisation: DVLA is committed to digital transformation, removing reliance on large-scale, single IT contracts and developing its in-house capability.

hmcts business plan 2016

Gloucester Education Action Zone Closed organisation: