He was among the principal leaders who publicly denounced India’s participation in the World War II between the European nations and for which he was imprisoned in National Highways Intra City Maps more The first indigenously built electric locomotive, a WAM-1 model, was named after him and was recently restored by the Eastern Railway. While in Banaras Hindu University , he was denied the basic student amenities of meals and other facilities despite his exemplary performance in the field of academics. We use cookies to improve your experience, measure site performance and send relevant messages.

Indian Democracy at the Crossroads I. Centre for Law and Policy Research. In the same year he proposed a resolution in the session of the Hindu Mahasabha demanding that temples and drinking water wells be opened up to Dalits; [3] and in the early s was imprisoned twice for his active participation in the Satyagraha and the Quit India Movements. Under the unmatched love and guidance of his mother, Babu Jagjivan Ram successfully secured a first division in his matriculation. Meira Kumar also made history in the Indian politics by being the first ever woman Speaker of the Lok Sabha of the Indian Parliament in the year

In the same year he proposed a resolution in the session of the Hindu Mahasabha demanding that temples and drinking water wells resukt opened up to Dalits; [3] and in the early s was imprisoned twice for his active participation in the Satyagraha and the Quit India Movements.

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Jagjivan Ram

The following year, on the 19th of October, Babu Jagjivan Ram stood before the Hammond Commission in Ranchi where he, for rseult first time, demanded political rights of voting for the Dalits. Retrieved on 6 December The Banaras Hindu University in the year arranged a Babu Jagjivan Ram Chair in the faculty for Social Sciences that is exclusively dedicated to the study of economic backwardness and caste discrimination.


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He worked as the Minister of Defence —74 making him the virtual No. Babu Jagjivan Ram, who was affectionately known as Babuji, was born on the 5th of April, An often cited incident occurred in this school; there was a tradition of having two water pots in the school, one for Hindus and another for Muslims. Caste challenge in India.

Jagjivan Ram on labour problems. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. India, in total, shares land borders with 6 sovereign countries.

jagjivan ram essay result

Inhe became the youngest minister in Jawaharlal Nehru ‘s provisional government and also the subsequent First Indian Cabinet, as a Labour Ministerwhere he is credited for laying the foundation for several labour welfare policies in India.

Legacy of Babu Jagjivan Ram: In Rdsult Ram was involved with relief work in the aftermath of the Bihar earthquake.

Babu Jagjivan Ram: Education, Family, Fact, and History

Jagjivan Ram on a stamp of India. Gandhi Rao Pawar S.

Sharma, Devendra Prasad Retrieved 25 June National Highways Intra City Maps more Most importantly, he was the Defence Minister of India during the Indo-Pak war ofwhich resulted in the creation of Bangladesh. Jagjivan drank water from the Hindu pot, and because he was from an untouchable class, the matter was reported to the Principal, hagjivan placed a third pot for ” untouchables ” in the school. He laid out several policies and reforms that dealt directly with the welfare of the labours and represented the country in the International Labout Conference of the International Labour Organization that was held in Geneva on the 16th of Resultt, Babu Jagjivan Ram was also instrumental for the successful implementation of the Green Revolution during his tenure as the Union Minister for Food and Agriculture from the year to the year Babu Jagjivan Ram had reeult distinguished parliamentary career where he carried out his duties in the most immaculate fashion as possible.


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Along his years as a student, he faced many instances of caste prejudice. He was the Union Minister of Agriculture essau Irrigation, from the year to the year resylt When Babu Jagjivan Ram drank from the former, there was resentment owing to the fact that he belonged to the untouchable caste and the incident was conveyed to the Principal of the school.

In honour of Babu Jagjivan Ram, the WAM-1, that happens to be the first locomotive that was built indigenously, was named after him.

Babu Jagjivan Ram went on to be a prominent member of the Indian National Congress where he worked rssay heartedly for the party for over forty years in a wide range of port folios after which he also became the Deputy Prime Minister of India from to Jagjivxn was here that he faced caste discrimination for the first time, yet remained unfazed. He also became a Mahant of the Shiv Narayani sect, and being skilled in calligraphy, illustrated many books for the sect that were distributed locally.

Retrieved 15 June He chose to go with the nationalists and joined Congress, which wanted him not only because he was valued as an able spokesperson for the depressed classes, but also that he could counter B.