Before developing any product, however, they tried to understand the market for physician information. We noticed a slew of law firms advertising their services, but there were no companies providing these organizations with data to drive compliant relationship management. Electric car racing ; Entrepreneurship ; Global Range ; Strategy ;. I worry that the compliance office is a difficult place to start if you want to expand into other parts of the hospital. And what about the doctors?

The company has had some early successful pilots with prominent customers, but it is now faced with choices on which markets to pursue. Once I was a cardiologist, I was able to focus on what I did well. In addition, the iPad application platform for referral management had first been developed for a medical device sales force. Higgins and John Masko Citation: The market potential for this product was sizeable, and expected to be far larger than the compliance market.

It was in negotiations to sell the next version of the kyruis to three other major hospitals. Jonathan Reynolds, MD and using highly varied terms to describe the nature of their physician relationships See exhibit 5.

Kyruus case Essay

Higgins and James Barnett. We will write a custom essay sample on. HBS cases are developed solely as the basis for class discussion. Higgins and John Masko.

And yet, at the intersections of these data were critical insights that organizations could use to steer and optimize their operations. Her mother was a linguistics major who taught English as a Second Language to students seeking to study in the U.

Was the right answer the option that would drive the greatest use of the data by physicians themselves? Higgins and James Weber.


kyruus case study

The companies were posting the data in different formats, referring to the same physician by different names John Reynolds vs. It provided data and analytics about physicians to multiple customers e.

The room included the leaders of the technology, analytics, product, marketing and legal divisions of the company.

Kyruus: Big Data’s Search for the Killer App

Let us create the best one for you! Collecting the information released by pharmaceutical companies was not easy. I worry that the compliance office is a difficult place to start if you want to expand into other parts of the hospital.

kyruus case study

Since inception, the company had gathered information about thephysicians working in the U. Agag needed to develop the series kyeuus scratch—developing a race car, finding teams willing to race, cities willing to host races, and sponsors, media partners, and investors willing to fund the series. Gardner and Yoo saw an opportunity to help institutions with data management solutions in the name of regulatory compliance.

Higgins is the chairman of the board of directors of Kyruus.

The first race was one year away. As hard as it may be for the Kyruus team, I think we really have to prioritize our understanding of the patient referral market and aim our product team in that direction. While there, I did my thesis work in the fields of genomics and personalized medicine, where there was a great deal of opportunity to commercialize big data solutions for both research and clinical applications.

In AugustGardner and Yoo founded Kyruus. Toward the end of my training, my parents moved to Boston so that my father could help start a new company with a long-time family friend, Bob Langer. As is often the case in early stage companies, these choices will affect a number of things, including organizational needs and capital requirements.


kyruus case study

As his learning curve in medicine began to slow down, Gardner also realized that the best place to pursue his passions may lie at the intersection of business and medicine. What kyrruus your topic? At the same time, they could develop individual portfolios of professional activities that would contextualize industry interactions.

Etudy knew that Big Data represented a similar leap forward in technology at a time when health reform demanded a new level of insight on the part of hospitals, payers, and life science companies. Pharmaceutical industry executives expressed interest in Kyruus developing more targeted marketing strategies.

During the first year of product and market development, Gardner and Yoo had chosen to serve hospital administrators in the management of their physician staff.

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These markets each offer opportunity, but the company must make some decisions. Cite View Details Educators Related. One member of the team noted that the identification of referral management as a product had originated from conversations with a medical device company.