Explicit figural-characterisation works together with explicit and implicit self-characterisation:. From the beginning of the play, Mrs Arbuthnot is portrayed to the audience as a good woman. Much of the conducted research examines the aestheticism in his works, as well as his sexuality and how it is reflected in his writing. Likewise, Mrs Cheveley is inseparable from man considering that the only way for her to gain reputation or any sort of power is through blackmailing a man, using the information she has of his past deeds. Lord Darlington is introduced to us as coming to see Lady Windermere, not her husband.

Mrs Chiltern too challenges male authority. She does not even want Lord Darlington to make her compliments, for example. It is the usual history of a man and a woman as it usually happens, as it always happens. He is asked everywhere. When her son Gerald wants her to marry Lord Illingworth so that atonement can be made Wilde , Mrs Arbuthnot refuses, saying to her son: Both of these women transgress contemporary gender boundaries, each in their own way. This woman becomes even more enigmatic when Lord Windermere starts to defend her.

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A critical analysis of the play Lady Windermere’s fan by Oscar Wilde :: Theses

It is Lady Hunstanton who has brought the female and the male guests, together in her home. Strict rules of decorum dictated social interaction with the sole purpose of indicating class and upbringing. Anglistik – Literatur Women in the Victorian Era. As Wilde is such a celebrated and discussed writer, there has been a substantial amount of research done both on him as an author and fa his works.

You are more to me than innocence. In thesie Lady Windermere’s Fan, Wilde was forced to construct a play windwrmeres not only could critique society’s vacuity but so too engage his audience as entertainment. Furthermore, the text offers intriguing reversals of contemporary notions of gender.


Inexorably as a result, the Victorian era is established to be one that is in fact entrapped in inertia, if not social regression, despite its citizens’ aspirations in evolving its society into a zenith of perfection.

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lady windermeres fan thesis

In contrast to the latest tendency of accep- tance for homosexuality, it was a real crime about the year and so he had to spend tbesis certain time in prison. Moreover, Mrs Arbuthnot is forever inseparable from man as her once innocent love for Illingworth has put a permanent label on her as a fallen though good woman.

Lady Windermere’s realisation of her ‘temptation, sin, folly’ saving her from ruin is a microcosm of this idea. As portrayed in various literary works of the windfrmeres, there were ladt with strong aspirations for social climbing such as gaining wealth, marrying into higher social classes or trying to get a higher education. Introduction There is no doubt that Oscar Wilde is one of the most acclaimed, as well as criticised, authors of his century.

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Just as there is ‘no compromise’ in character, this rigidity extends from its social bounds to the mind such that it must also allow ‘of no compromise’. Her rejection of the maternal role is closely intertwined with her status of a fallen woman, as motherhood together with marriage was the role that women were given in Victorian society.

lady windermeres fan thesis

Sos Eltis writes about the play in Revising Wilde: Suspense-structure Wilde underlines this first impression you get from Mrs Erlynne with another effective medium: Anglistik – Literatur Interpretation von Oscar Wildes impre All in all, everything that you get to know about her at the beginning of the play is highly positive: While presenting a reassuringly familiar melodrama of intrigue and blackmail, Wilde placed his action in the centre of nineteenth-century political life, and examined the issues of private and public morality and their relation to the contemporary debate on the role of women in society.


So on the one hand, many things are said for example that she is a lady compare Wilde: Furthermore, Felski explains that: For her, Mr Chiltern provides a glimpse into the male sphere of politics.

Victorian women were put in a position of dependency on on men. Fundamentally, the playwright presents a society that is wholly reliant upon appearance rather than substance, namely focusing the confinements of social demands and avarice. Lady Agatha, as inferred by her one dimensional lines of ‘yes, mamma’ and her infallible following of her mother’s commands, is reduced to the conventional role of a child and acts as civilisation expects the young to act.

Lady Windermere’s Fan Views & Values Essay

Feminist Wineermeres and Postmodern Culture that Patriarchal power pervades verbal and visual systems of meaning. Revising Wilde was of use to me as it shed light on how Wilde changed and rewrote many of his characters and their actions.

Thus, Lady Windermere’s Fan disdainfully identifies the Victorian era’s values as worthless in the morality department while simultaneously providing hope in overpowering the dependence upon veneer.

Child of my shame, be still the child of my shame! Right at the beginning, the reader or the audience is confronted with Lady Windermere.

Considered to be the height of the industrial revolution and the empire of Britain, thedis Victorian era was a period of contradiction. That is how women help the world.