The Lancia Thesis 2. The Lancia Thesis range concludes with the 2. When you approach the car, this new electronic key system recognises the owner, unlocks the doors and allows you to start the engine without a key by turning a knob located in place of the conventional ignition. Da mu nije falila lajsna na desnom krilu i zadnje desno podkrilo? Lancia offers the 1.

The following are completely free if you break down: The result is a car with an original profile, fully in keeping with new demands for a softer, more sensual and feminine shape. By day, these look like two understated chrome decorations; by night they are red and orange stripes, both one centimetre wide that make the car unique and immediately recognisable even on the motorway. The same generosity is evident in the broad and diverse standard equipment list the Platino specification includes a GranLuce roof, leather interiors, automatic climate control, radio-CD and alloy wheels and the surfaces included in the exclusive Parure Lancia package that extends the contractual warranty to the fifth year after the sales date or a maximum of , km. The Economy strategy is used when you wish to reduce fuel consumption while still maintaining top level handling and driving comfort. The Thesis offers a pallet of 12 different body shades. In other words, a vigorous yet frugal engine.

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The optional comfort version offers attractive, brand-new functions such as ventilation, adaptivity and massage. A large mm long four door luxury saloon, it is aimed to emphasise the brand as the luxury arm of the Fiat Group, a move already started with the Lybra. The front bumper is a horizontal feature that blends in perfectly with the rest of the car. Other ‘high-tech’ systems include an optional radar cruise control, an optional sunroof with solar cells which power the aircon fan when the vehicle is parked in the suna multizone climate control system which on some models has a separate zone for the rear passengers, front and rear parking sensor, a rain sensor, an automatic windscreen wiper system, automatic headlamps, LED tail-lights with 30 LEDs per unitoptional variable power steering, bi-xenon headlights with an automatic ride corrector which functions with both static and dynamic pitch changes and more.


Lancia: Lancia Thesis

The result is a great deluxe saloon with the same standards of roominess, comfort and performance throughout. Both offer the best possible channel for power transmitted by the engines to bhp and ensure the car delivers uniformly crisp performance. All three features naturally thesiw as standard on Emblema versions.

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To do this, it examines pedal position maps and engine rpm interpreted as power requests. Posted April 3, The balance between the body and extensive glazed areas is the key to a well-lit, relaxing environment. The car also offers a wealth of other features that set it at the peak of its category: Landia same warmth is evident inside the Lancia building that forms the background to the exhibition area with its ix of wenghe wood panels.

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The latter also features variable valve timing and a variable length induction system. Software update cd koji postoji na The Lancia Thesis range concludes with the 2. Motorists are just a phone call away from operators who speak their language 14 are already activecan help them find their way and give them information on traffic conditions and the weather en route to their destination.

Sign in Already have an account? Posted Upsive 16, Posted February 8, All three features naturally come as standard on Emblema versions. Kako promijeniti jezik sa talijanskog na engleski? As far as styling is concerned, the Lancia Thesis is a hit because it speaks a new formal language.


Both specifications share four engines three petrol and one common rail turbodiesel and two gearboxes the five-speed upzide sequential automatic transmission is fitted to the 3.

This more compact device comes with three shafts and features a synchronised reverse and a clutch with automatic play take-up device. On the road, it offers a reassuring tthesis of control and safety with an extra touch of brio that makes it satisfying to drive over any route, even around town.

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lancia thesis cd is upside down

While still remembering to give the result of a match played by your favourite team. The Lancia Thesis 3. For people who do not like to be second to anyone, even on the road. Then you are in contact with one of the operators employed at the Contact Centre in Arese. High-performing, thrifty and clean: They can also be fitted alongside standard controls to enable the car to be driven by people without motor difficulties as well.

Just under five metres long 4. Beginning with safety devices. The third rule of seduction highlights prestige materials and ways of experiencing the Tbesis.