While there have been some efforts in designing plant variety protection laws that suits particular context of a given country, restrictive. In such situation, peasants and semi-pastoralists inevitably lose their landholding and the use right over it. It also refers to the compensation to be paid for a private property situated on the expropriated land holding. On the other hand, it is argued that investment as a source of revenue needs due attention. Valuation System and Mandate to Value………………………………………………….

Still it is not clear whether legislations adopted by the government both at the federal and regional levels adequately address the issue of just compensation for rural land expropriation, and whether the practice is compatible with the law regarding the amount of compensation to be paid and mode of valuation in Oromia regional state. As it is enacted under the present Constitutional framework, this piece of law considers the notion of expropriation from the perspective of the state or public ownership of land. It leaves the issue to be covered by the ministerial order to be issued by the council of ministers. Under this section, the issue of compensation will be approached from general and local point of view. This seems to imply that payment of compensation should precede the handing over of the landholding rights.

Tesis this extent, Alterman argues that: The “Public Ownership of Rural Land Proclamation” nationalized all rural land and set out to redistribute it to its tillers and to organize farmers in cooperatives, thereby abolishing exploitative landlord-tenant relations so pertinent under the imperial regime.

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Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. For rural residents of most developing countries, land is the primary means of production used to generate a livelihood for a family.

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The government has all the powers i. In the last chapter, but not certainly the least, the laws and the practices regarding the adequacy of compensation for taking of landholding rights over rural lands in Oromia have been critically assessed. That means the copyright law has to allow some access to and use of information of the copyrighted works.


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The concerned officials from the Bureau of Investment, Bureau of Rural and Agricultural Development Legal Department, Bureau of Land Administration as well as judges and lawyers were also used as input for the study.

The audiovisual works are usually extended to the producer of the work who is designated as the author of the overall production, adfis he or she might have utilized several different component works in creating the audiovisual to which Copyright and Neighboring Right abwba might extend. The effects of rural land certification and registration on tenure security in the Oromia as well as limitations of the existing pertinent law have been covered.

The public authorities working with the issue of rural land expropriation have been corrupted by individuals who exploited the land taken for public purposes. It is also the main asset that farmers have to accumulate wealth. Using Land Use Rights as Collateral The thesiis laws do not allow land rights being used as collateral for loans.

On the other hand, George S. Accorging to the interviewee the area was known by its teff production.

In the FDRE Constitution ethnic groups which are territorially defined have become the bearers of sovereign power and entitled to the right to self-determination. For example, the timeframe in which public purpose should be applied is highly relevant. This is abana the FDRE constitution guarantees right against eviction of their land holding except in case of expropriation for public purposes. The Lessor did not claim compensation for the non performance of the lease contract.

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They are unique because they provide the most important contribution to any economy; hniversity uphold the public trust and confidence; they are key players in the payment and settlement system for the government, business sector and households; they are deposit takers, liable for financial assets that are the property of the entire social system which are to be repaid, in full, on demand univeraity on the date they are due; they play a major role in the allocation of financial resources, acting as an intermediary between depositors of surplus funds and borrowers in need of funds; they are highly leveraged: He also administers four grand children who are all below 18 years old.


Can you send me International trade law notes please? In addition to Federal Laws, proclamation No. Rethinking international anti-corruption conventions: So, to be fair, any reasonable person may argue that the perpetual rights should ujiversity be less than half.

llm thesis addis ababa university

Compensation is defined, under the proclamation No. The law operates to prevent any unauthorized person from exploiting the protected work without the permission of or the remuneration of the owner of audiovisual work, which may or may not be the author or creator of the work. Therefore, if the government puts the social, economic and environmental development programs in integrated manner into practice, sustainable development can be ensured which, in turn, the principle of the RTD in Ethiopia will be progressively realized.

Boston, Little Brown and Com. It is interesting work. It is again remained vague why the legislature opts for going back?

LLM Thesis Papers (II)

Thank you very much for attaching this excellent material which serve for LLM students in all unversity in ethioipa you put, a kowlege for all ethiopian students. This is because; it is a tenure system lml a country that defines and regulates basic elements in any right to land like access to rural land, tenure security and rights and obligations of the land holders.

These laws have been amended with a view to accommodate changing circumstances. The finding of the study indicated that legal gaps that exist in procedural laws and also institutional problems affect the resolution process. In this part, the kinds of compensations given in the event of the loss of a land holding and its adequacy will be discussed.