Speaking of interests, she loves taking pictures for it can tell a thousand words. He admits freely that he has had a huge interest in art and a profound love for the spotlight, evident by the fact that he has started singing since the tender age for 4 years old, followed by other interests such as broadcast and public speaking as he grew older and more mature. Report Share Download 3 Yosua Dewasatria, usually called Jojo by his friends and family, is in the third year of his study at the Faculty of Law, Airlangga University, majoring in International Law. Azmil admitted, the research process had not always been smooth.

He has also been a member of the Music Event Committee of his high school where he performed a diverse range of jobs, learning a lot on how to prepare for an event as well as how to work well with a deadline. We are preparing ourselves nonetheless any burden we are going to face before and at the conference. She also realized that as an International Relations student, she should have a good negotiation skill that soon will be applied in the real world. But when you know her better already, she will be opened-up easily and talk often. He sees Harvard Model United Nations as the best path to do it. During her study, her parents in Nganjuk often complained about the school fee.

But she had her passion for English since she was in elementary school. Congratulations to the survivors and they will have faculty advisors to complete the delegation. Kelas xii sma bahasa inggris achmad doddy.

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He is confident that he will be a positive addition to the team because he loves to make friends and his sociability, knowledge, and experience will make the Airlangga Knair for HNMUN the best team that ever was; bring the Hammer Home! But joining these competitions does not make him forget about his academic duties.


She racked her mind to find ways to address her monetary problems.

Ocha, a 19 years-old girl, is a second year undergraduate student at Universitas Airlangga, majoring in International Relations. While her weekdays are usually spent on campus, on weekends, we can catch her hunting for photographs while walking her dog and humming along to the tunes of her favorite bands.

He affirms that he had a change of heart in terms of his academic plans for the future. In high school, for example, he joined a debate club in his school.

Nadia Dewi Hartono, mostly called Nadia, is an international relations student in Airlangga Univeristy with a passion for learning and educating English.

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That is because the natural resources here in Indonesia are highly conducive to this. Intan has had extensive experience on debating unqir public speaking. With deep interests in crisis-management and conflict-resolution, she hopes to pursue a career one day as a spin-doctor and or a professional fixer.

However, to her, what created more pride was the process of earning those various achievements itself.


He passed with GPA 3, As a result of her dedication, SCORE selected her to be the project officer for Tuberculosis Exchangethe international program for tuberculosis summer course held in Airlangga University. To Bring the Hammer Home! The notification and additional information for the next stage will be sent to short-listed candidates early June.

Born in Surabaya 22 years ago, she was uair chosen as an accomplished graduate from the Faculty of Law where she had been studying. She has been called energetic, perfectionist, and a go-getter.

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According to this year old FPK graduate, Halymenia durvillei is one of the kinds of seaweed which has potential to be carrageenan, but has not yet been found useful optimally. To begin the first stage: He was born in Sydney, Australia, on January 27, For both publications, she received overwhelmingly favorable response from readers all over Indonesia. Our astonishment did not stop there, once again we witnessed your enthusiasm in flm workshop for Model United Nations and we had a very good time reading your position papers.


Internationalism has rkm his personality, causing him to be an open minded, critical thinking, adaptable, and versatile person. The names of the 51 people shorlisted candidates are listed below in alphabetical order: He loves to visit new places and explore every aspect about that place, especially the food, frequently plays soccer, tennis, lomb table tennis in his spare time, and lommba a blog that is visited by thousands of people everyday that he hopes can be inspiring and useful to every person who read it.

We were overwhelmed in joy reading hundreds of applications for the selection this year, we had so much fun to finally meet everyone who makes the cut to the interview phase.

lomba essay fkm unair

However, what Dita Widiyanti Sawitri did was a little unusual. Lonba, langsung ikutin kuisnya, kirim jawabanmu dan dapatkan hadiahnya! Through this Delegations Selection Process, we hope to uncover hidden potentials of students of Universitas Airlangga. Adriana Marzhella Rondonuwu but she goes simply by Adriana. The awards are his trophy after winning over competitors from peer students, medical specialists, doctoral students, to professors.

Joining organizations has been one of her biggest interest.