Stratified sampling works best when a heterogeneous population is split into fairly homogeneous groups. Discuss the validity of your results. An individual group is called a stratum. I calculated it by applying binomial distribution formula but I dont seem to be able to obtain the same answer as yours after several attempts. Under these conditions, stratification generally produces more precise estimates of the population percents than estimates that would be found from a simple random sample.

You can prepare a survey form to get the data of the 30 students. This new syllabus will be Coursework offers opportunities for candidates to conduct mathematical investigation and. Sections of this page. You should increase the total n. Although the Central Limit Theorem tells us that we can use a Normal model to think about the behavior of sample means when the sample size is large enough, it does not tell us how large that should be.

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So think about your sample size in terms of what you know about the population and decide whether the sample is large enough. We neglect the factors like genetic, f and sex iv.

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Additionally, the statistical analysis used with cluster sampling is not only different, but also more complicated than that used with stratified sampling.

The following sampling methods are examples of probability sampling: You can mzth the result after you submit. All our teachers are highly experienced. Daily questions will be posted tomorrow or Monday. In this assignment, you are required to conduct a study on the time spent daily by the students in your school to access the social media.


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In general a sample size of 30 is considered sufficient. Construct three confidence intervals for the mean time spent daily by students in your school etpm access the social media.

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math t coursework stpm sem 3

Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Get notified when new articles including pbs sample are posted. Published on Jun 6, The sample values are independent of each other. For those who like to give fake result.

Thanks for the survey. Stpm math t coursework sem 2 Homework Academic math t coursework sem 2 — read online for free a solution for math t coursework ppu sem 2 by: Or the chi squared test is a part of the hypothesis test?

math t coursework stpm sem 3

With stratified sampling one should: Please send the whole paper not the 2 pages with questions next time if you want me to write the solutions earlier.

Then with p unknown, Ho is rejected at any level of sl except 0. Fixed number of family courdework. The data are sampled randomly because it avoids bias. Bling bling on August 25, at 3: Below are parts of the data collected.

math t coursework stpm sem 3

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