Verbal analysis section covers the topic – Reading comprehension, Vocabulary and grammar skills. Just familiar with the basics and logics. Technical round is usually easy but if you are from a non-IT background, you might find it a little difficult. It might still be good to know a few expectations from these companies. Microbiology Biochemistry Biotechnology Biochemical Engineering. Then he went through my resume and asked me some random questions regarding my project and some hr related questions. Gave brief details of my project.

Also if you can share the interview experience, it would be of great help. How to prepare for Aptitude Tests? On 19th Jan , I had my online test with Infosys which comprised of 3 sections: Title Commencement of Recruitment process. Syllabus and Important Topics for Verbal Ability:

Placement Papers – Infosys

The youths with similar talents will answer this query asap. Analytical Thinking and Arithmetic Reasoning: Even if you are not well versed with all aptitude topics, just remember the formulas and try solving the questions logically.

Verbal Ability 40 ques. First of all before beginning to share my experience I would want to ofr that if you are a student with very minimal knowledge in programming then nothing to worry about. You can easily solve all kind of questions by reasoninf the following exercises.


mathematical critical thinking and logical reasoning questions for infosys

They will check your communication skills and your confidence. Thank Reply 7 months ago. Title Commencement of Recruitment process.

mathematical critical thinking and logical reasoning questions for infosys

The key is time management really. Infosys always makes Verbal reasoning a bit tough.

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Thank Reply 1 year ago. Why Infosys Placement Papers? Interview Questions What kind of questions were you asked in round basis? You may be asked: Check which of the terms given in the options can replace the blanks so that the series becomes a logical one. So, F’s neighbour is A. List of IT Companies. E does not have a corner office.

Let us keep ourselves prepared for the regular pattern though it might be subject to changes.

Do not expect direct syllogisms, they might ask you to make your own premises and conclusions as well from the given set of sentences. Thank 4 months ago. Section 2 is of 35 minutes and here you can get questions on: Your experience was very useful. It is less ihfosys that you might get the type of problems that you practice at home.


Infosys Reasoning Questions | Reasoning Test For Infosys

So, C’s office falls on her left. See you in Infosys! Thank 1 Reply 1 year ago. Although, this may not be much helpful for students who wish to apply Off campus.

Aptitude Questions of all Major Companies. HR will be very friendly mahhematical if you speak confidently, you can easily crack it. When they let you to ask questions, ask them something that will show them that you are interested in taking the job i. If you have a habit of reading books then this section will be moderate for you.

mathematical critical thinking and logical reasoning questions for infosys

Verbal Ability Test 40 Questions 35 Minutes: List of Core Companies. Option B The final olgical is shown below: Option C So, both conclusions follow.