The curriculum uses a scientific approach that is expected to prepare the students to have a balance of competence among their attitudes, skills and knowledge and generate productive, creative and innovative graduates by strengthening the realm of attitudes, skills and integrated knowledge Hosnan, Nevertheless, they still hope that learning natural science IPA at schools can be presented in an interesting, efficient, and effective way Depdiknas, Students have the opportunity to understand how the case becomes a problem. Furthermore, we like to thank Nini for very fruitful discussions for this paper. The state-of-art in mathematical creativity. Tesis magister, tidak diterbitkan, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta.

Creative of Inovation Managemen Vol. The interesting condition is that the root of scientific investigation is the problem itself. Rise of new media and technologies used by students in everyday life can be the means to study subject creatively and innovatively both in formal and informal learning; 2. Center for Creative Learning Sarasota. Consequently, students are afraid to make mistakes, and finally the students are trained to loose their creativity.

Consequently, students are afraid to make mistakes, and finally the students are trained to loose their creativity.

This situation gets worse since probpem school also emphasizes on test or national exam result. The first stage is the stage of development of divergent functions.

Dipetik May 27,dari www. Insight and knowledge of the people will help them to think creatively and imaginatively. The different result means problemm the solution offered is “wrong”.

Jurnal Pengajaran MIPA

Tesis magister, tidak diterbitkan, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta. Students are not accustomed to develope their potency of thinking. In this theory, creativity and innovation belongs to the group of ways of thinking. Rhodes conceptualizes creativity as: Creative problem solving emphasizes on creativity in solving problems that train and facilitate students how to be creative and innovative.


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Creativity and innovation is seen as part of the process of development and change knowledge into a precious value. The emphasis of the third phase in the use of the process of thinking and feeling creatively to find solutions to problems freely and independently Pomalato, In the sixth step, building acceptance, the students have the opportunity to design and conduct an experiment to test the selected solution with the goal of acceptance of the solutions offered.

metode creative problem solving (cps)

Although creativity and innovation are two different skills, Binkley found both can logically be grouped together in a single assessment. Journal of Knowledge Management.

Clarification Of The 1. Dipetik July 6,dari http: Learning to creativity-innovation is in line with the constructivism approach. Pengembangan Kreativitas Anak Berbakat. American Educational Research Association. Authentic Assessment creatibe Creativity as a 21st Century Pedagogy.

metode creative problem solving (cps)

Furthermore, we crsative to thank Nini for very fruitful discussions for this paper. From the description above, it can be concluded that the learning model of creative problem solving is a learning model that does centering on the role of students in exploring, developing, and coming up with ideas and creativity to solve problems with the syntax: Testing solutions in the design of experiments can yield expected or even different result.

In shorts, the creativity is generating ideas and innovation is the application pgoblem the ideas in action Gurteen, The purpose of scientific learning approach is based on its excellence: The reason often proposed by teachers due to this problem is the limited time and facilities, less-supporting learning environment, and the large numbers of students at class Depdiknas, It is necessary to distinguish creative-innovative learning and learning for creativity- innovation as rpoblem by Sir Ken Robinson, an megode of creativity.


Learning in this case is to encourage students to do experiment, innovate, and do not only give answers but also to give them the necessary tools to explore and find a variety of possible answers.

Creativity is a form of knowledge creation, therefore stimulating creativity has a positive effect on learning, support and enhance self-learning, as well as improving the skills and competences of longlife learning. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mendapatkan gambaran terkait peningkatan kemampuan kognitif dan keterampilan berpikir kreatif dalam pemecahan masalah siswa setelah diberikan perlakuan dengan pembelajaran CPS berbasis eksperimen dan pembelajaran kovensional. Fostering creativity and innovation in education is conducted to train the students to know how to and be accustomed to constantly create and innovate, (cpw) they are ready to face the challenges in the society life and the work fields.

Creativity and innovation deals with the creation and application of new knowledge. The state-of-art in mathematical creativity. The spirit of five things observing, asking, exploring, associating, communicating is appropiate to the teaching of creative problem solving.