Four Go Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level: However, unless play in the class shop is supervised by the teacher or a classroom helper, the accuracy of any monetary exchanges is likely to be nil. What’s All the Talking About? Bipin is in a game show and he has picked a red ball out of 10 balls. We have exactly coins. What was the total and how could this be done? How much would you pay to play?

Lolla bought a balloon at the circus. A game for two people, or play online. Katie had a pack of 20 cards numbered from 1 to In this article for teachers, Lynne explains why it should be. What do you notice?

What do you think is happening to the numbers? An investigation involving adding and subtracting sets of consecutive numbers.

Five Coins

In this game for two players, the aim is to make a row of four coins which total one dollar. Are You a Smart Shopper? Heads or Tails – the prize doubles until you win it. How can you use just one weighing to find out which box contains the lighter ten coins out of the ten boxes? Finding Fifteen Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level: Your school has been left a million pounds in the will of an ex- pupil.

Age 5 to 7 Marion Bond investigates the skills needed in order for children to understand money. Add solvng two numbers on the red dice and take away the number on the green. What model of investment and spending would you use in order to ensure the best return on the money?


How much money did Charlie have to begin with?

money problem solving ks2 nrich

Avoiding confusion How can we avoid the confusion? Number live Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level: In the second article, Eolving offers you practical ways to investigate aspects of your classroom culture and in the third article, she suggests three ways in which we can support children in becoming competent problem solvers.

The Money Maze :

History of Money Age 5 to 14 If you would like a new CD you would probably go into a shop and buy one using coins or notes. We have the correct money, not a penny more, not a penny less! Make 37 Age 7 to 14 Challenge Level: Lolla bought a balloon at the circus. Can you go through this maze so that the numbers you pass add to exactly ?

How many pennies did Ram put in each bag? Got It Age 7 to 14 Challenge Level: We have to be able to count objects accurately. Go through the maze, collecting and losing your money as you go. In this way we will be able to talk about holding a number of dots something the children can see and quantifyrather than a number of pence which is an unfamiliar and abstract quantity.


money problem solving ks2 nrich

What is the difference between the amount Al and Di have? We have to understand the concepts of addition grouping things together and subtraction splitting things apart. This article offers you practical ways to investigate aspects of your classroom culture. Use your logical-thinking skills to deduce kd2 much Dan’s crisps and ice-cream cost altogether. These children may go on to find the concepts of equivalent amounts of money and giving change difficult to grasp.

Many children would prefer to record the numbers iconically e. How will you find out how much a tank of petrol costs?

money problem solving ks2 nrich

How much is the chocolate bar? Use these four dominoes to make a square that has the same number of monye on each side. She gave the clown six coins to pay for it.