A letter of verification for approved accommodations can be obtained from DSP. Sequences in sets are defined in Munkres p. Homework 6 is due Wednesday, October 7. A function between metric spaces is continuous if and only if it is sequentially continuous , meaning the image of a every convergent sequence with limit x is again convergent with limit f x. The Countability Axioms Section

There will be a take-home prelim as well as a take-home final examination. The take-home prelim will be handed out in class on Monday, October 18, and will be collected in class on Monday, October Compositions of continuous functions are continuous. No late exams will be accepted. The Separation Axioms Section

More about abstract topological spaces. Homework 12 is due Friday, December 4.

Munkres (2000) Topology with Solutions

A function between metric spaces is continuous if and only if it is sequentially continuousmeaning the image of a every convergent sequence with limit x is again convergent with limit f x. Also, in Theorem The midterm exam was held on Wednesday, October 4in class e.

In any case, whatever you turn in topokogy represent your own solution, expressed in your own words, even if this solution was arrived at with help from someone else. Continuous functions between topological spaces. Make-up quizzes will NOT be given. Every function from a discrete metric space is continuous.


The extreme value theorem.

munkres topology homework

Preliminary and Final Exams: At least two of the problems on homesork final will be “very familiar”, in the following sense: More about the interior of a set, and the boundary of a set.

This may involve collaboration with other students.

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The official course text is Topology 2nd edition by James R. The definition of an abstract topological space. We aim to cover a bit of algebraic topology, e.

The idea that homeomorphisms are “dictionaries” that equate properties involving the topology on one space to properties involving the topology on another space. Within this text, we will focus on Part I, particularly Chapters and other portions on an as-needed basis. Reading After finishing our discussion of the Arzela-Ascoli-Frechet theorem and the compact-open topology, we will cover as many of the following topics as the remaining class time allows: This means you should try to use complete sentences, insert explanations, and err on the side of writing out “for all” and “there exist”, etc.


We will also apply these concepts to surfaces such as the torus, the Klein bottle, and the Moebius band.

munkres topology homework

The exam is open-text and open-notes, but students are not permitted to work together or to discuss any aspect of the exam with any other person. Operations on topological spaces: Topology provides the language of modern analysis and geometry. munjres

munkres topology homework

Hutchings’ Introduction to mathematical arguments including a review of logic and common types of proofs. Chapter 1 Section 1: The Product Topology Section The closed interval [0,1] is compact.

MTH , Introduction to Topology

The Fundamental Group Section The final exam will be cumulative, but will have greater emphasis on topics developed after the midterm. The definition of the fundamental group. The interior of a set. More about the quotient topology on bar X induced by a space X and a quotient map of sets p: Homework 5 is due Wednesday, September