Next class period we will be debating the status of nanobacteria as a living organism. Manage your resources Save, organize, and share resources that you find. Which of the new results are supportive of Kajander and Ciftcioglu? Dilutions offormation in the 1: This class of bacteria was originally isolated from human and cow blood. Fill out the table on the Work Sheet for Part I and bring it with you to the nextclass period.

Published by Guset User , D SEM micrograph showing their variable size. Despite this, Cisar et al. Choose ONE property of life and propose a way you could test for thatproperty. Next class period we will be debating the status of nanobacteria as a living organism.

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Nanobacteria: Are They or Aren’t They Alive? A Case

Sometimes,however, the designation of something as a living thing is not so obvious. Scientific information is shared through publication in scientific journals.

E and F SEM micrographs of nanobacterial dwellings detached from the culture vessel. Bacteria are extremely abundant andversatile, occurring in every environment on Earth including inside and outside your body.

nanobacteria case study answer key

Conclusion—The DebateScientific theories are based on our best understanding of the evidence. In this example, the primers were specific for 16S rDNA and the sample was the isolatednanobacteria. When purified phosphotidyl inositol a phospholipid common to biological membranes was added to the culture, biofilm formation occurred within two weeks.


What does the data tell you? Scientists conduct experiments in an attempt to answer specific questions. Cisar’s team repeated the experiments described by Kajander. This process is responsible for the production of bone and dental enamel.

Assignment for Part IV: Subscribe answed bulletins Automatically be notified about new resources that match your interests. Nanibacteria are the properties of a biological organism? D SEM micrograph showing their variable size. The datapresented on Data Sheet 1 and Data Sheet 2 are excerpted from this article.

Website supported by the University at Buffalo Libraries. A very important aspect of science is knowing how to interpret the results you get from an experiment.

Nanobacteria: Are They or Aren’t They Alive?

To become a paid subscriber, begin the process by registering here. Answer Key Answer keys for the cases in our collection are password-protected and access to them is limited to paid subscribed instructors. Part V—Final Chapter or is it? Thistechnique uses short sequences of DNA called primers to trigger a chemical reaction that results in theamplification or increase in the concentration number of pieces of a specific region of DNA from asample.


nanobacteria case study answer key

View in Fullscreen Report. Detail from SEM of biofilm material. When these isolated cells were exposedto high energy, gamma radiation and then added to a culture container, it was observed that no growth orformation of a biofilm was observed. These theories must either bemodified or abandoned when new evidence is made available that challenges our understanding.



It’s easy, fast, and FREE! Nanobacteria cultured under SF conditions and their interaction with cells. Biochemical examination of biofilm-associated macromolecules. C Negative staining of nanobacteria isolated directly from FBS.

nanobacteria case study answer key

This ability for a phospholipid to induce biofilm formation was prevented when the phospholipid was exposed to gamma radiation. Following the PCR reaction the authors could use other techniques to see the PCR product agarose gels and they could isolate and sequence the product to determine the exact genetic code orlanguage associated with that PCR product. Work Nanobacteriia for Part IVCheck the correct box to indicate whether nanobactefia believe that the corresponding experiment by Cisar et al.

What questions do you have? To answer this you need to think aboutthe properties common to all living things and how you would test whether thenanobacteria possessed these properties.