On the other hand, the scrap rate has shot up. This case would be appropriate for use in a production and operations course, to introduce students to the concepts of JIT and world class manufacturing. These customized units contained various options that formed kits that included anywhere from individual trim pieces. The buyer-scheduler is uncertain why the sales are spiking and must decide what action to take. Unfortunately, of these parts, approximately 3, were defective, missing or inappropriate for use.

Andy had begun to gather data on the interior trim supply problem and he got the crucial reasons for these problems occurred. Materials Management; Centralization Difficulty: The case is designed to provide: A director of sourcing has been asked to prepare a review of the sourcing function by using benchmarking. Continuous improvements were made to store design and in-store operations.

Stusy vice-president must prepare a plan to implement the principles of lean management while meeting the goals set out by the president of the company. Piper, Tetsu Imigi Product Number: The president expected the analyst to review the performance of the network and establish an improvement plan for the coming year, supported by specific goals and objectives.

navistar case study ivey

Fraser Johnson Product Number: Second, he believed that opportunities existed to make additional improvements in the area of inventory management and he wondered how and where Progistix could work together with Xerox on such an mavistar.

Eliminate double processes taking place both in Chatham plant and Trimco warehouse e. The Shiga Factory had been forced to use large inventories to cope with uncertain demand and a long and havistar supply chain.

Continuous improvements were made to store design and in-store nagistar. She must plan the routing activities, while also concerned about cyclists’ safety and enjoyment while participating in the event. The note is intended to address the questions of how much to order the lot size issue and when to order the reorder point issue. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website.


She has considered three plans. The environmental coordinator must assess the competitive implications of different alternatives, design the program, decide which materials will be recycled, identify who navisstar be involved in implementation, and take into account the reaction of different stakeholder groups. Browse Catalogue Go to Close. How to cite this page Choose cite format: The company was not being run efficiently and quality control was hindering the performance for Navistar.

Back to Search Results. Also, monitoring the Tricmo to see if they are using the forecast to meet production levels should be assessed monthly. Recommendation Alternative 2 — Navistar will work with Trimco to develop cross-organizational teams and partnerships to re-examine programs for product quality, training, processes and logistics.

Although raw data is available for its components, the executive must formulate relationships between the data to determine the benchmark.

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The game reserve’s management is trying to determine the optimal mix of animal species to stock a game reserve. Trimco will need to work with Navistar to create a program for product quality and control than develop a manual for process and development.

navistar case study ivey

High cost implementing and initiating programs Takes a long time to make changes Potential for lots of changes leading to possibility of turnover if employees do not like changes If not properly executed, could be confusing nzvistar employees. How about receiving a customized one?

The staff should be tested during the first month to see that they are comfortable and understand all the requirements for Navistar. More efficient to organize production and procure trim parts. Cade sent to the manager, it practically is… so keep buying those shoes.


The vice-president of store planning and merchandising was evaluating checkout configurations. Once Navistar receives confirmation from Trimco they can expect to receive the correct trims with the correct design changes. In addition to the quality issues, truck interior trim shortages was another challenge which resulted in reordering of trim parts leading to additional material handling, and post- assembly installation.

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He has, however, some reservations about the proposal, particularly the production process it was advocating and that it would put the plant out of line with the production process used by other subsidiaries. The manual will be a reference and include quality planning activities and controls that document the manufacture of Navistar products.

Navistar Supply Management Essay

Jointly they are trying to determine the mix of hunting packages to promote to potential clients. The company was the first to use turbochargers and was an early proponent of V6 engines in the s, but quickly lost interest as muscle car popularity increased.

With the rise in the number navistwr large retail outlets, the company needed to look at ways to maintain and increase sales. The plant at Chatham should try and lean out duplicate processes and perhaps change the order in which the trim assembly took place.