Pay a little more and go to a real school that won’t jerk you around as much. Suffice to say, I am very happy with my education here at NCU. I have been happy with most instructors and material. And many reviews written by disgruntled students who obviously cannot write, therefore did not meet the NCU rubrics for papers and scholarly writing. Over the years, I have read the comments about NCU on here and intentionally decided to wait until graduating to provide my own opinion as someone who successfully completed a doctoral degree.

It’s that kind of arrogance that causes people to misjudge others when they may have a legitimate complaint. The NCU administration is just interested in money and doesn’t care what happens to students. I am a Director of Admissions for a college which only offers undergraduate degrees so I am well aware of the ramifications. I know I have better skills than any professor out there. It’s impossible to work on your paper during the week, because of the slow turnaround by the “Dissertation Committee Chairperson”.

Your coursework makes up the first two years of your studies, then you take tiimeline 12 week comprehensive exam. The latest simply refused to give any real answers. Student support explained there was no services for this and researching how to complete the task on my own was my best solution.

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I highly recommend NCU for those who’s learning style fit with online learning. On the positive side I learned to deal with difficult people and jumping the hoops is part of the process of becoming a doctor. You have to make the effort to seek out those interactions.


If you are looking for an institution that actually educates students and offers resources and tools to succeed, this timelline not it. Their lack of written communication was shown to me as being my fault since I did not give them a change of address nor new email address. Don’t listen to the noise! Hey NCU – consider this a pseudo petition for a very past due refund!

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I have attended NCU since Feb I finally dropped out. You can see the financial solvency composites scores reported by the federal government here: My frank advice to everyone: Another reason you will not be prepared to pass comps or complete your dissertation is because students are not prepared for the rigor of completing their dissertation during the coursework phase.

Wherever I have edited and revised reports and assignments for students, and as I have worked avidly in class, my faculty members have expressed gratitude for my contributions. As with our careers, as professionals, it is our own responsibility to take ownership for our learning experience. Instructors know little about the courses they are teaching and the administration is high and mighty not willing to speak to you if you request.

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I enrolled in Northcentral University in with hopes to have a good academic experience but most of all to earn my DBA in Business Management. Be prepared to write papers every week with an average length of pages though. I was able to get the same pay salary increase with my certificate of advanced graduate studies as I would have with the EdD.


I did not have any issues with the courses per se as I know that you have to be extremely self-directed to complete such courses. The course material is ambiguous and the instructors really don’t care.

There’s talk of changing this. NCU is big on profit but not on engaging the student and teaching you anything. I have been very please with my academic advisers as well.

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So why make it worse by attending a lesser of the online schools? It was not easy. Sentences with “there” are existential sentences that should mean “there exists.

The dissertation process is equally as arduous–but for a good reason. When nurs is a good title for class 4 in hindi x10 timelines o check their.

ncu dissertation timeline

Some mentors timepine excellent and others are not that effective just like any other school regardless of prestige. I have engaged with my mentors at some timelibe for every course: It moved the text down as if you were inserting lines or paragraphs.

However, neither my Advisor nor Chair have responded conscientiously about the issues that I have shared here–these being but a couple of many more communication problems that are inherent in the operations of NCU.