Create a free website. It is easy to forget sources, mix up one source with another, and make simple mistakes. Not done in Chicago Style formatting. Skip to main content menu sign in. This is called paraphrasing: But please note, this book is still a secondary source, and should be included in the secondary source section of your bibliography. Annotated Bibliography All sources information and graphics are accurately documented in the desired format.

It identifies what type of source this is song, poem, book, website, journal article, diary entry, newspaper article, you get the drift…. Categorize Add this rubric to multiple categories. When that happens, signal to your reader that the following information came from a certain source and then cite it once at the end of the last sentence. Few mechanical and grammatical errors hinder communication. They can choose from a broad range of source options, including legal citations. Bookmark Bookmark this rubric for future reference.

The Chicago Manual of Style is the style most commonly used by professional historians when they write and publish their work. Annotations lack detail, clarity and connections to theme.

Poor The seconary sources ae poorly selected. For example, you might want to add a name of a speaker, or a relevant historical date during a particular video clip or still image.

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An annotated bibliography is a ibbliography list of summary of books, articles, documents, website or any publication.

The Lusitania was hit by a German submarine at 2: What is an Annotated Bibliography and how to Write one? Really long annotations generally do not impress people.


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Good There are only valid primary sources. It should contain all sources that provided usable information or new perspectives in preparing your entry. Just name the major locations of your images.

Most secondary sources are valid. Few mechanical and grammatical errors hinder communication. You are NOT required to cite images as they appear on the screen.


An annotated bibliography is a bibliography that has written explanations for the use annorated that source. Print Show a printable version of this rubric.

nhd annotated bibliography rubric

This guide is designed to condense the key elements of the Chicago Manual of Style to a format that can be understood by middle and high school students. Simply put, if you wait until the end of your project, this task will be messy, confusing, and complicated. After the quote, continue typing using double-spacing.


At least four to five appropriate primary sources are cited that connect to thesis. Fair Annotations contain some detail, clarity or connections to theme. Building Your Annotated Bibliography You should build your bibliography as you conduct your research.

nhd annotated bibliography rubric

The secondary sources generally indicate an adequate amount of research and range of resources. Poor There are few or no primary sources.

Nhd annotated bibliography rubric

Only with iRubric tm. A block quote should look like this: It also gave annotaetd details regarding the specific treaties signed between the two nations that gave the U. Free rubric builder and assessment tools. See the next page for examples of how to footnote the most common types of sources that you will use in your NHD paper. Annotations contain some detail, clarity or connections to theme. If I am doing this on my own, I would list it like this: There are valid primary sources.

Bibliography is annotated and separated into primary and secondary sources. Idaho State Historical Society.