Haemostasis – Role of endothelium in thrombogenesis – Arterial and venous thrombi – Disseminated Intravascular coagulation 3. Shall develop teaching skill in the field of Periodontology and oral implantology. Journal of periodontal Research 4. General Information The institutions recognized by the DCI for running postgraduate courses prior to the commencement of the dentists amendment act and those dental colleges recognized for running Bachelor of Dental Surgery BDS course or institutions established by the central government for the purpose of imparting postgraduate dental education shall be eligible for starting any postgraduate degree or diploma and higher specialty courses. To accomplish this and develop human values, it is desired that all the trainees undergo ethical sensitization by lectures and discussion of ethical issues, discussion of cases with an important ethical component. The viva voce shall include Pedagogy 20 marks of 10 min.

Manual of Pedodontics — Andlaw and Rock It is essential to monitor the learning progress of each candidate through continuous appraisal and regular assessment. One Seminar per week to be conducted in the department. Who is not an active postgraduate teacher in the subject cannot be appointed as examiner. Develop an attitude to adopt ethical principles in all aspects of Orthodontic practice. Clasps, Bows and springs used in the removable appliances.

The students are expected to report the seminar topic, outline of the topic, topic of the journal discussion or case presentation to be done one week before presentation and guideline approval from the HOD or the staff in charge. Smear Presentation — 20 marks Cytology or microbial smear and staining iv. Effective motivation and education regarding periodontal disease maintenance after the treatment.


Dissertation survey instruments Companies providing.

Class-I malocclusion with crowding. Postings in the department of anatomy and histology for slide discussion.


Performance of behavioral rating scales and I. Pg dissertation guidelines ntruhs jackson dbq essay guidelines.

ntruhs thesis guidelines 2014

All the postgraduates who are admitted. Diseases of pulp and sequel of pulpitis.

Research skills in handling scientific problems pertaining to oral treatment. Approach Training to be imparted in the department or in other institutions having the facility. Dimensional changes in dental arches.

ntruhs thesis guidelines 2014

Typhodont exercises – Teeth setting in Class-ll division I malocclusion with maxillary anterior proclination and mandibular anterior crowding. Particulars are recorded by the student in the log book. A2 english language coursework media text gender issues phd dissertation columbia university short essay on jawaharlal nehru in english pdf up essay. Guidelimes in qualitatively Compromised bone —Watzek Contemporary Orthodontics — Proffit W R Periodontal instrumentation – Instrumentation – Principles of periodontal instrumentation – Instruments used in different areas of the mouth C.

The trainees shall also be encouraged to attend such programs conducted elsewhere.

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Journal of American College of Dentists G Dental courses shall be theiss whole time student. There should be more emphasis on didactic lectures and major part of the learning time should be devoted to thesiw, group discussions, seminars, clinical work and conferences stressing more on prevention of oral diseases instead of traditional teaching on curative aspects to enable them to develop expression, character and personality and other qualities essential for a dental postgraduate to serve the community and nation effectively.


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Submission of library assignment by the end of first term. One dental caries index b.


Poor 0 Below Average 1 Signature: Institute o f Clinical Research, Bombay. OPG and other radiological techniques. The candidate should be able to – Take the history, conduct tthesis examination including all diagnostic procedures to arrive at diagnosis at the individual level and conduct survey of the community at state and national level of all conditions related to oral health to arrive at community diagnosis.

The postings in the departments of pediatrics, psychology, orthodontics, anesthesiology, oral medicine and radiology, oral and maxillofacial pathology, oral and maxillofacial surgery and prosthodontics to enable the postgraduates to learn the latest developments for better applicability in pediatric dentistry 8.

ntruhs thesis guidelines 2014

Neoplasia – Classification of tumors – Carcinogenesis and carcinogens – chemical, viral and microbial – Grading and staging of cancers, tumor Angiogenesis, Paraneoplastic syndromes, spread of tumors – Characteristics of benign and malignant tumors 7. Hand book of Pediatric Dentistry — Cameron and Widmer Be competent to treat dental diseases which are occurring in child patient. Behavior management of Children in Dental practice- Wright Management of special children. Restorative, Surgical, rehabilitation b Preventive oral health care procedure.