The fluid of the seminal vesicles makes up most of the volume of a man’s ejaculatory fluid, or ejaculate. The shoulders and hips are level, symmetry of the scapulae and iliac crests. November 9, Age: The postpartum blues are caused by a multitude of factors, including hormonal fluctuations, physical exhaustion, and maternal role adjustment. She was conscious and had no complications throughout the delivery. According to the Health Asian Diet Pyramid ,there should be a daily intake of rice, grains, bread, fruit and vegetables: The use of ice packs during the immediate postpartum period is generally indicated.

We learned from this case the importance of post- partum care and the Physiology of Normal Spontaneous Delivery. Normal breathing sounds are: Patients or a family member can be taught to assess the firmness of the fundus and to provide massage in the event of a boggy uterus or excessive bleeding. Our ultimate goal is to provide evidence-based guidelines on the use of routine postpartum interventions. During sexual arousal, contractions force the sperm into the vas deferens.

Scribd is the world’s largest social reading and publishing site. It is known that to get through active labor, mobility and relaxations are done to increase contractions; and the Transition phase, where it is definitely known as the shortest phase but the hardest, contractions maybe two or three times apart, lasting up to a minute and a half, about approximately cm of cervical dilatation.

The color will change from bright red to brownish to tan and will become in approximately weeks, unless breastfeeding. A cesarean delivery is the alternative to a vaginal delivery.


For normal sperm development, the testes must be at a temperature slightly cooler than body temperature. Respirations are usually within the normal range for an adult. Include in the diet foods higher in vitamin C, and E, and omega-3 fatty acids rich foods.

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To avoid infection, teach patients to pat from front to back and to use a peri-bottle for gentle cleansing of the perineum after a bowel movement or urination. The uterus takes weeks to return to its non-pregnant size.

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Patients should void a minimum nursig mL per void; less than mL per void could indicate urinary retention due to decreased bladder tone post delivery in the absence of preeclampsia or other significant health problems. The seminal vesicles are sac-like pouches that attach to the vas deferens near the base of the bladder.

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It should normally feel smooth, even and firm. The labia majora literally, large lips are relatively large, fleshy folds of tissue that enclose and protect nhrsing other external genital organs. She has no history of bleeding and any discomfort on her pregnancy until she begun to labor and nhrsing her first baby.

S usually sleep hours at night, she stated that sometimes her sleep is interrupted because of the discomfort due to her perinial incision. She was very lazy all the time as she stated. Stretch marks tend to be bright red during and shortly after pregnancy, but they will eventually become more of a silver color and begin to blend in with your skin.


nursing case study nsvd

Her hair is evenly distributed in a dark brown color. S confinement her body temperature ranges in normal values. Episiotomy may ease delivery of the fetal head and allow some control over what may otherwise be an uncontrolled perineal laceration. Drink two quarts of fluid per day if you are breastfeeding. Blood pressure may also rise due to the effort exerted by the mother in order expel the fetus.

S take her rest periods.


The deceleration is driven largely by the high neonatal deaths and slow decline of infant deaths. Y May D.

nursing case study nsvd

Papillary constriction should occur when struck by light. Periods will resume in approximately weeks, unless breastfeeding. It transports and stores sperm cells that are produced in the testes. These chambers are made up of special, sponge-like tissue. The patient should be able to transfer easily to cse position.

We tested her capillary refill. If one of these has been prescribed, instruct patients to use a sitz bath and then apply the suggested topical agent for best results. The opening of the urethra, the tube that transports semen and urine, is at the tip of the penis.