The proposed Regulation would require the manufacturer to offer eCall as standard equipment. If so, will the funds have to be repaid? What steps are being taken at an EU level to allay fears expressed by Christians in Mali? My constituent tells me that this charity has been operating as a day centre since and that it offers exercise classes and visits to places of cultural and historic interest. Freedom of movement for workers is one of the fundamental principles of the EU — it was enshrined in Article 45 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.

I have been contacted by a constituent who is concerned about the safety of animals in European zoos following the recent slaughter of Marius the giraffe in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Act aims to tackle existing barriers to intra-EU trade and to prevent the creation of new ones, thus facilitating the provision of accessible mainstream goods and services in order to facilitate the participation and integration of persons with disabilities and elderly persons in society. Is this sanction on small traders imposed in other EU Member States to prevent unfair competition to the detriment of Italian traders? The EU believes that a more inclusive Ukrainian Government that reaches out to all Ukrainian regions and population groups to ensure full protection of national minorities is essential. The Union was ready to conclude bilateral arrangements with Norway in the early weeks of Commission support for Hungarian-language broadcasting of the Euronews channel in the territory of Romania and Slovakia. Why then does the final declaration of the G20 view the main event as the recent signs of a supposed improvement of the global economy and in particular the strengthening of growth in the USA, the UK and Japan?

Despite the closeness of the deadline for applications for Key Action 1: There have been numerous disturbing reports concerning the abuse of animals in Sicily, including the poisoning of 13 dogs in Monreale in Clasisfica Province.

This situation could well result in there being a general lack of interest in the programme. Reclames van eten en drinken met veel suiker, vet of zout op de Franse televisie worden vergezeld van een positieve opmerking onder in beeld. Such observers have been deployed progressively in key towns of the centre and clzssifica north of Mali to prevent violations of human rights and investigate allegations of such crimes.


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Laundering of money from Ukraine in European banks. In accordance with the Financial Regulation, the method for calculating contributions to unit costs is based on past real costs reported under comparable actions — i. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender LGBT survey report.

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Il benessere e la gestione delle popolazioni di animali randagi non sono disciplinati da norme UE, rientrando tra le competenze esclusive dei vari paesi.

So far, Member States have individually been negotiating on energy prices with monopolistic third party suppliers. Trade relations between Jordan and the EU.

On French television, advertising of food and drink containing large quantities of sugar, fat or salt is accompanied by positive advice at the bottom of the picture, e. Nuovo software per sventare crimini digitali. EU strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian region.

olimpiadi problem solving classifica 2013

Increases have been relevant. The Commission and Vietnam endeavour to conclude the negotiations swiftly. EU competences do not allow the Commission to fund the creation of refuges for stray dogs. Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Italy alone have suffered an aggregated loss of over 1. Adoption is not regulated at EU level. The preparatory process for negotiations is well advanced and the formal launch of DCFTA negotiations can be expected to take place as soon as both sides are ready. One example of this is a programme to open travelling markets in various parts of the city.

L-Isvezja se tfittex lill-Kummissjoni. Concerning the Commission and its infrastructures, the protective security tools detected and repulsed a large, increasing, and more and more sophisticated number of attempts to infiltrate the network and servers during the last years. In this case report, with concomitant and adjuvant temozolomide versus radiotherapy alone on survival in glioblastoma in a randomised phase III study: In questo modo, il dispositivo sarebbe accessibile anche a fasce di popolazione a basso reddito.


Prices declined during a period of the year when normally there is a seasonal increase. Has the Commission urged, recommended or ordered that the savings banks of the Kingdom of Spain be converted into commercial banks?

This means that some of the present staff of 46 — who have significant experience of work within the agencies — may simply no silving be employed.

Glioblastoma case study?

Information on convictions and disqualifications should circulate more easily and background checks by employers will be more reliable. The Commission is now exploring with Malaysia the basis for resuming negotiations.

olimpiadi problem solving classifica 2013

Although innovation in the field of mobile phone technology is constant and rapid, the Commission always tries to monitor any new technologies related to its policy responsibilities.

However, the latest energy reform passed by the Spanish Government maintains and defends oroblem energy sources while attacking renewable ones.

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The Commission intends to continue work on the other priority themes of the strategy, including those relating to heavy drinking. Why then does clzssifica final declaration of the G20 view the main event as the recent signs of a supposed improvement of the global economy and in particular the strengthening of growth in the USA, the Solvnig and Japan?

A comprehensive action plan against cyber-attacks was developed, which is constantly updated. The choice of what, how far and in which sequence public assets or companies should be privatised in Greece is the exclusive result of the Greek authorities’ decision, taking into account the various constraints they face and objectives they set for themselves, including the issues raised by the Honourable Member.