A Genetic Link to Attentional Function? Amy Olzmann – Problem Solving and Memory: Students should schedule an appointment for a major release the term before they plan to graduate by October for April grads, April for August grads, or June for December grads. Academic Involvement and Success. Steps to Graduate In order to graduate, you must do the following:

Students will be expected to participate in two semesters of academic course work conducting and analyzing research; attending approximately bi-weekly class meetings , submit a final thesis, as well as present their findings at the Annual Research Forum poster presentation. Lique Coolen and Lori Isom. The Honors sequence is a 2-semester commitment the student’s final 2 semesters. Honors program participants have the opportunity to meet with the Honors Program Director several times during the fall and winter terms to receive ongoing assistance and support for their research project. Outstanding junior women in or applying to the Psychology Honors Program. Make sure you are logging in using your umich gmail and not a personal account 2. Wanying Liu – Risk Portfolio Management:

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Interpersonal interaction, groups, and cultural influences on behavior. Toward Selective Fatigue of a Non-unitary Executive. Aiya Saad – In the Eyes of the Beholder: Jennifer Allen – Scientist or Secretary?


psych honors thesis umich

Lee Allison Fifolt – Masculinity and the Body: Inara Ismailova – Young and Distracted: Introduce students to selected general theesis and techniques used in the field of biopsychology and cognitive neuroscience.

A Qualitative Analysis of Police Practices. You may seek an extension of the deadline so that you can complete the thesis and graduate at a later time.

A maximum of 6 credits may be earned. Undergraduates Honors Program [X] close.

psych honors thesis umich

In addition to completing all the requirements for the major, an honors degree in the major requires:. The reports of all readers will address the quality of the science reported in the thesis, as well as the quality of the written presentation. It is unlikely that students will know their level of honors before the end of the term or graduation ceremony.

George Whitney Hall – Police Interrogations: Tanner’s graduate students, Dr.

To find a Psychology faculty sponsor for Directed Reading or Field Practicum courses, use these helpful resources: Continue research, complete thesis, present in public forum. Application Deadline Students have the opportunity to apply at three different times before the Fall term begins.

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Students are expected to submit their application by one of pysch deadlines set yearly June and August to begin during Fall term. Also see Past Thesis Topics. Click to call Accelerated Master’s Degree Program. Meet the submission deadline for graduation — Students must meet a submission deadline of April 1, August 1 or December 1, during the term of graduation. Intergroup Dialogues at the University of Michigan. Examples of LSA Thesos are:.


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Psychology Department majors working on an outstanding research project whose subject is diversity or inclusivity, broadly defined e. Connecting Brain and Behavior Mentor: This website will allow you to hlnors for faculty who are doing research with your topic of interest.

psych honors thesis umich

The presentation can consist of either a paper presented during a panel discussion, symposium or a poster presentation. September 6th; students will find out their application status by Thurs.

Apply for the Edward C. An honors designation cannot be added to a degree already awarded by the college. Representations of Black Women in Film. Successful program participants are awarded an honors designation at graduation B.