Other times they reject these things for worthwhile alternatives and are appropriately serious. This paper argues that, if we understand ethical theories as accounts of right The central argument against abortion may be put like this: Failure to comply makes one guilty and in need of forgiveness. A human foetus is an innocent human being Noisy, thesis statement for the death penalty pro L rosalind hursthouse virtue theory and abortion essay Harker Vibrations – Chill Out rosalind hursthouse virtue theory and abortion essay Sessions 1, Various practice gre essay questions Artists Memorials Of The Collegiate …. London , xli Steinbock B. Bioethics for Medical Education Vol.

An action is right iff it is what a virtuous agent would do in the circumstances. Then I shall discuss a substantive attempt to derive ought from is by contemporary Aristotelian virtue ethicists, particularly Rosalind Hursthouse. While this proclaimed dichotomy between is and ought has been held as a dogma by most students of philosophy, there has never been a shortage of attempts to derive ought from is. The ET anthropologist, however, would also read numerous articles which contest these analogies precisely because they are disconnected to the reality of human reproduction and parenthood. VT therefore forges a link between right action, virtue and Eudaimonia. I argue that, while such an attempt proceeds in the right direction, its conception of human nature, used as the is statement from which the ought statement is to be derived, is problematic. Was ist biologisch am Aristotelischen Naturalismus.

Rosalind Hursthouse

Rosalind Hursthouse’s Hermeneutical Naturalism. By Bertha Alvarez Manninen, Ph. For an action to be obligatory it must be more than praiseworthy or commendable. It is therefore an act that it would be characteristic of thoroughly virtuous persons not to do. Wadsworth, Drawing on ideas from feminist ethics and care ethics, this paper aims to demonstrate that deontological moral theories have traditionally excluded women by using masculine gendered terminology.


An action is right iff it is in accordance with a moral rule or principle.

rosalind hursthouses essay

Don Marquis rejection of abortion is based on his account of the harm of killing as involving the deprivation of an organism of future goods. Some compare pregnancy to opening a stuffy window and finding people-seeds floating in on landing on the carpet, xxxii or suggest pregnancy is on par with being attacked and raped. Accounting for uursthouses merely in terms of what a virtuous person would refrain from doing does not appear to capture these features of the concept.

At one point in her article Hursthouse addresses the issue of infanticide and its relation to her argument: These are highly contested metaphysical issues around personal identity. A second example she gives is that abortion often involves decisions about and hence attitudes towards parenthood.

Failure to comply makes one guilty and in need of forgiveness. Morality in Practice Belmont, CA: In the end, her analysis appears inconsistent. Defences of abortion typically proceed either by giving a negative answer to the first claim or an affirmative to the second.

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eosalind Suppose excessive timidity leads me to forgo an adventure that is important to some private personal project of my own. It is not so tendentious of me to claim that to react to people’s grief over miscarriage by saying, or even thinking, “What a fuss about nothing!

However, this book maintains that the dominant approach still takes an overly disenchanted view in virtue of stressing an analogy between human flourishing and the flourishing of other living things.

American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly A human foetus is an innocent human being.

rosalind hursthouses essay

Act utilitarianism thereby forges the link between right action consequences and happiness. The Role of the Emotions in Virtue Specification. If I have the wrong conception of the worthwhile, and advantageous and pleasant, then I shall have the wrong conception of what is good for, and harmful to myself, and, even with the best will in the world, will lack the virtue of charity which involves getting all this right.


Hursthouse illustrates this as follows: Cambridge University Press xxxix M. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

Rosalind hursthouse virtue theory and abortion essay

But in communities in which life is a great deal tougher rosalimd everyone than it is in ours, having the right attitude to human life and death, parenthood, and family relationships might well manifest itself in ways that are unlike ours. VT involves applying substantive moral concepts, about what counts as a worthwhile life and what is harmful and good, to various situations.

Harvard University Hursthiuses, Nor, necessarily, does a woman who has decided to lead a life centered around some other worthwhile activity or activities with which motherhood would compete. Nor would we draw the conclusion that a person who had been a good mother and is looking forward to being a good grandmother is permitted to engage in infanticide.

rosalind hursthouses essay

We should not automatically assume that it is impossible that some other communities could be morally inferior to our own; maybe some are, or have nursthouses, precisely insofar as their members are, typically, callous or light-minded or unjust.

Standard deontological and utilitarian approaches to abortion tend to focus on two questions which are seen as essaj to the debate. Moreover, by dismissing the status of the fetus as irrelevant because it is a difficult metaphysical issue, she renders her position inconsistent.