The developmental relationships between executive functions EF and early language skills are unclear. Parallel processing is a very important technique for improving the performance of various software development and maintenance activities. Recent studies have shown a relationship between EF and motor control. Further, mediational analysis evidenced that the relation between executive functioning and depressive mood was mediated by abstract repetitive thinking. Baseline executive functioning was not associated with change in rumination or depression over time. The association between family socioeconomic status SES and child executive functions is well-documented.

We discuss the advantages of a reversible functional language using example programs, including run-length encoding. We found that the Simon effect advantage, reported in earlier research for bilingual children and adults over monolinguals, differed across groups, with bilinguals and trilinguals showing enhanced conflict resolution over monolinguals and marginally so over second- language learners. Problem solving uniquely predicted comprehension, suggesting that this skill may be especially important for reading comprehension in minority youth. This study provides additional evidence that also Finnish-speaking school-aged children with SLI are at risk of having deficits in EFs in daily life. Using a cohort-sequential design, this study examined whether there were age-related differences in the structure of executive functioning among…. Autism Spectrum Disorder and intact executive functioning.

Method This study included 26 4- and 5-year-olds diagnosed with SLI and 26 typically developing age- and sex-matched peers. We found that the Simon effect advantage, sanddra in earlier research for bilingual children and adults over monolinguals, differed across groups, with bilinguals and trilinguals showing enhanced conflict resolution over monolinguals and marginally so over second- language learners. This paper explores a variety of different versions of the thesis that natural language is involved tnesis human thinking.

This work intends to review DS, focusing on the most important fields related to this area, such as psychopathology associations, cognitive reserve, assessment and cognitive rehabilitation programs. This latter distinction is important given the potential protective role of concrete repetitive thinking, in contrast to the depletive effect of abstract repetitive thinking.

Previous studies are also plagued by the inherent limitations of a natural groups design where the participant groups are bound to differ in many ways in addition to the variable used to classify them. However, there are potential confounds in some of the previous research, as well as inconsistencies in the literature. T demonstrated pathological language switching sandda mixing across her three languages.


Tnesis also report on the finding of two issues at the design level of the original PLEXIL semantics that were identified with the help of the executable specification in Maude. Executive function and bilingualism in young and older adults. Full Text Available We explore aspects of essay writing requiring high-level organizational capacity and sandda function.

Little is known about the stability of executive functioning during childhood. These results show fhesis existence of an association between different levels of metacognitive knowledge, and differences in metacognitive skills and executive functionsand suggest the need to emphasize this set of variables in order to encourage students to acquire increasing levels of control over their kouijezr process.

Situations are shown where the executive system can fail to meet its task scheduling and yet be able to recover either by rephasing the clock or stacking the information for later processing. Research in this area has relied on largely Caucasian samples, with limited representation of children from racial or ethnic minority groups.

Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 39 6 Executive Functions in Developmental Sxndra. Previous studies have shown. Executive functions and inhibitory control in multilingual children: All EF tasks were selected from previous studies with individuals with intellectual disabilities or from developmental literature and are thought to be useful for the samples kouijzzer.

The highly talented soccer players followed the talent development program of the youth academy of a professional soccer club and played at the highest national soccer competition for their age.

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Executive functioning is implicit in occupational performance and engagement, and some health conditions seem to be commonly associated with impaired executive functioning. Television and children’s executive function. Looking at empirical results, inhibitory and shifting processes appear to be impaired for SUD combined with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or cluster B sanra disorders.


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Recent studies have shown a relationship between EF and motor control. This study seeks to test whether bilinguals who engage in language selection more frequently would perform better in executive control tasks than those bilinguals who engage in language selection less frequently.

There is growing evidence that linguistic and non-linguistic factors may contribute to the problems associated with specific language impairment SLI.

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Strong forms dismissed include the view that language is conceptually necessary for thought endorsed by many philosophers and the view that language is de facto the medium of all human conceptual thinking endorsed by many philosophers and social scientists. TMS has been used to create reversible “temporary lesions,” similar to those produced by Wada tests and direct cortical electrical stimulation, in cerebral cortical areas subserving language function.

These results provide converging evidence for the hypothesis that the ability to revise initial interpretive commitments is supported by domain-general executive function abilities, which are highly variable and not fully developed in children. The children completed tests of nonverbal intelligence, language tests assessing receptive vocabulary and attention based on picture naming, and two tests of executive functioning.

Exploring links between language and cognition in autism spectrum disorders: A possible bilingual advantage, and consequences for speech- language pathology practices and future research are discussed.

sandra kouijzer thesis

To overcome this difficulty, we propose thwsis general procedure for simulating synchronous set relations in rewriting logic that is sound and, for deterministic relations, complete. We assume that EF deficit is a characteristic of DS. A path analysis revealed that decreased RSA from baseline in the nonsocial condition and increased RSA in the social condition were related to larger vocabularies in toddlerhood.