For the oral defense, the Examiners must determine if the candidate’s responses to questions and general level of scholarly knowledge meet the standard for the Master’s degree and are consistent with the contents of the thesis. The following system is to be used:. Copyright permission is required: The Graduate Chair signs the form and provides the candidate with a copy of the Supervisor’s stated reasons for withholding approval. Double-click on the file name you wish to upload, and the name will be entered into the input box. An initial thesis submission will prompt the GPS Thesis Unit to automatically add your name to the graduation list for either the current or following term.

SGPS has allowed certain programs to waive this requirement. A majority of the Examiners must judge that the thesis is acceptable to allow Stage Two: The student being examined must be present in person at Queen’s University for their oral thesis examination. Who attends the Master’s Thesis Examination The candidate, the Supervisor s , the Program Examiners, and the University Examiner must attend the Thesis Examination Any member of SGPS may attend as a visitor by having a written request approved by the Vice-Provost Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies seven days before the examination date The chair will refuse attendance to all others The Chair presides over the Thesis Examination To open proceedings, the Chair introduces all present. Doctoral Thesis Examination Board Roles. The abstract page-numbered ii provides a succinct summary of the work. An estimate of the percentage of the work conducted solely by the student must be included.

Stage 2 – Defense: Preparing for Your Oral Examination

It should not include graphs, charts, illustrations or tables. The Chair instructs the Examiners once again about the difference between acceptable, acceptable with revisions and unacceptable and answers any questions about the difference between the recommendation.

sgps thesis deadlines

A monograph thesis may also include published material, i. The Chair pronounces the Thesis Examination Board’s decision. Must have appropriate SGPS membership Must attend the Public Lecture No more than one Program Examiner may be from the candidate’s Thesis Supervisory Committee Must not have had significant involvement in the development of the thesis nor interest in the outcome.


This event marks the first time that the candidate truly expounds on and defends the meaning and significance of his or her research and knowledge of the discipline to peers and colleagues alike.

Library catalogues and online bibliographic databases use words in the title as a way to retrieve a thesis. Required elements of the monograph thesis: A thesis or dissertation is a formal statement of the theory, source materials, methodology, and findings of a student’s major research project.

Initial Thesis Submission | Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies – McGill University

These margins apply equally to all illustrative material: Programs that choose to host a remote examination assume the following responsibilities: Normally the entire process, from the Graduate Chair’s request for a Thesis Examination to the placement of the candidate’s name on the egps list, requires approximately eight weeks.

In those cases where the student chooses to submit a thesis for examination without the approval of the Supervisor sthe following processes are followed:. Please note that revisions and final thesis submission are due 6 weeks after a successful thesis examination.

For more extensive quotation, the candidate must obtain written permission from the copyright holder s and include this permission in the thesis.

Preliminary Submission

The Preliminary Evaluation of the Thesis. Oral Thesis Examination Form – Ph.

sgps thesis deadlines

The Examiners question the candidate in the agreed-upon order, with the Chair holding them to the agreed-upon time limit. If two or more members of the committee cannot be present in person, then the examination is rescheduled, unless approval of the Vice-Provost SGPS is given due to extenuating circumstances. This should include evaluation of the thesis in terms of its organization, presentation of graphs, tables, and illustrative materials, and its use of accepted conventions for addressing the scholarly literature Evaluate the candidate’s skill and knowledge in responding to questions and defending the thesis Ensure authenticity of authorship SGPS distributes to the Examiners an electronic package via e-mail consisting of: Upon completion of the oral defense, and after the student has left the room, the Thesis Examination Board is reminded that the student has submitted without the approval of the Supervisor.

The Supervisor does not attend the thesis examination or the public lecture. The vita should be a brief document and include only public information: Stage 2 — Defense: The abstract must give enough information about the thesis to allow a potential reader to decide whether or not to consult the complete work.


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If the candidate feels that the nature of the information contained in the work must remain confidential e. The publication status of each paper must be indicated i. A candidate may not submit a thesis that has been previously accepted for edadlines degree, but may, with the permission of the Graduate Program, incorporate material included in a previous thesis.

All examiner participation assumes in-person attendance unless thrsis request for remote examination is made. Normally the entire process, from the Graduate Chair’s request for a Thesis Examination to the placement of the candidate’s name on the convocation list, requires approximately five weeks.

It is recommended that supervisors and programs avoid multiple use of the same examiners. Once the thesis is published, the candidate has officially completed the thesis requirement for their degree. The following details the regulations surrounding the process of thesks, submitting, examining and publishing graduate seadlines at Western.

When the thesis is thought to meet recognized scholarly standards for the discipline and degree and is ready for examination, the Graduate Chair arranges a Thesis Examination by setting a proposed date, and obtaining provisional consent from the potential members of the Thesis Examination Board. For each student writing a thesis, programs are required to establish a formal Thesis Supervisory Committee for all thesis-based Masters and PhD students consisting of a supervisor and at least one other person.

The candidate is asked to permit the release of the thesis to be used for research and also to agree to allow the non-exclusive right to reproduce or loan copies of the thesis dewdlines micro-form, paper, or electronic formats.