On his way, Nana met the rebel Company soldiers at Kalyanpur. At this ghat, Nana Sahib had arranged around 40 boats, belonging to a boatman called Hardev Mallah, for their departure to Allahabad. He gave the city a new look by establishing new neighborhoods, temples, and bridges. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Doctrine of Lapse, issue of cartridges greased with animal fat to Indian soldiers, introduction of British system of education and a number of social reforms had infuriated a very wide section of the Indian people, who rose in revolt at a number of places all over India. Seven abducted in tension between two tribes.

Gupta, Nana Sahib and the Rising at Cawnpore Nana Saheb was well educated. The next morning, when the rebels arrived to dispose of the bodies, they found that three women and three children aged between four and seven years old were still alive. General Havelock was informed that Sahib had taken up a position at the Ahirwa village. In response to Moore’s sorties, Nana Sahib decided to attempt a direct assault on the British entrenchment, but the rebel soldiers displayed a lack of enthusiasm. He had sent Sir Hugh Wheeler, commander of British forces at Kanpur, a letter warning of the attack—a sardonic gesture to his former friends. After that Nana Saheb also did not survive for a long period.

And it was that belief that made them often overlook a number of things: Whatever the case, amid the prevailing confusion at the Satichaura Ghat, Nana’s general Tantya Tope allegedly ordered the 2nd Bengal Cavalry unit and some artillery units to open fire on the Europeans. Raghunathrao betrayed the Marathas by joining hands with the British, and Janardan, died in his early youth.

The defending Captain John Moore retaliated and launched night-time sorties. Nana himself was reported to be living in the interior of Nepal. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. After the major centers of the uprising were suppressed, Nana Sahib hid in the jungles of northern India.


Nana Sahib had under Dalhousie’s Doctrine of Lapse lost his right to an annual pension and had been denied in his appeal to the Court of Directors, this rage at the stoppage of his stipend meant backlash against the British.

Indian war of Independence by Savarkar, http: Kalyanji had raised Shridhar, son of Nana Sahib changing his name to Giridhar, as his own son and got him married in Sihori Brahmin family.

Nana Saheb Biography

Having joined the insurgents, Nana Sahib proclaimed himself peshwa in Juneestablishing his power in the city of Kanpur and the surrounding district. Some of Nana’s advisers had already decided to kill the captives at Bibighar, as revenge for the murders of Indians by the advancing British forces. The women and children were ordered to come out of the assembly rooms, but they refused to do so.

Although the East India Company later accused Nana of betrayal and murder of innocent people, no definitive evidence has ever been found to prove that Nana had pre-planned or ordered the massacre. Many British writers have praised him for his irrepressible courage, fortitude and generosity.

– India’s Struggle for Freedom – NANA SAHEB

After the major centers of the uprising were suppressed, Nana Sahib hid in the jungles of northern India. Uttar Pradesh is bordered by the state of Uttarakhand and the country of Nepal to the north, the state of Bihar to the east, the….

He encouraged agriculture, gave protection to the villagers and brought a considerable improvement in the state.

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The Indian forces had been led to believe that the entrenchment had gunpowder -filled trenches eessay would explode if they got closer. The Company forces reached Cawnpore on 16 July There were also reports of him being spotted in Constantinople. We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. He fought the colonialists in a number of major battles.


The surviving women and children, around in number, were moved from the Savada House to Bibighar “the House of the Ladies”a villa-type house in Cawnpore. Nana then blew up the Cawnpore magazine, abandoned the place, and retreated to Bithoor. In return for a surrender, he promised the safe passage of the Europeans to the Satichaura Ghat, a dock on sshort Ganges from which they could depart for Allahabad.

Retrieved 6 April In India it is…. It is also known as the Sepoy Rebellion, sepoys being the native soldiers. Retrieved 11 July He did not have an heir to his kingdom so he appointed the brave Peshwas as the heir to his kingdom,Nana Saheb had two brothers, Raghunathrao and Janardan.

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The butchers left, when it seemed that all the captives had been killed. Although some Company historians stated that the order for the massacre was given by Nana, [13] the details of the incident, such as who ordered the massacre, remain unclear.

The sniper fire and the bombardment continued until 23 Junethe th anniversary of the Battle of Plassey. His subsequent fate ehort unknown.

short essay on nana saheb

At first, the rebel sepoys refused to obey the order to kill women and children. The British took over Awadh Oudh claiming that the local ruler was not ruling properly.