Wait for the updates!!! What should i do cos am new to all these html stuff and want to learn them. The edge that Thesis had was gone. Dheeraj Bansal Thanks Vikas for the themes. If not do that by going to the settings tab and update the post editor.

Will soon publish it! The theme has been created by bloggermint for bloggers who love the Mashable design. The login page will open in a new tab. The one below the header or the one above? They were not rolling out updates as they previously had been, which is an important part of adopting the latest practices.

shoutmeloud thesis theme blogger

Looks like you ttheme some customizations on your own! Then, ping me on gtalk. IN which is inspired by Thesis Theme itself. For a personal theme you can go for brightly colored, funky and snazzy ones but for a professional one its better to go for an office looking theme with more gray, maroon, dark blue, dark green type of combinations on a white background.

5 Killer Tips to Select a Blog Theme

So, always choose a white background rather than any fancy ones. Session expired Please log in again. Is Genesis theme one time shoutme,oud or recurring cost? Selecting a Blog theme is not an easy task and finding one perfect theme is endless task.


shoutmeloud thesis theme blogger

Just ping me on gtalk when you see me online! Is your blog personal or professional? Mukund Hi Bro, the template that which you are using for http: Again, take the footer on this site.

Keep the theme cool. I am using “Shoutmeloud Thesis Theme For Blogger” for my blog and want to remove the header banner ad with chitika ad banner. Thanks a lot for the share! Thanks for sharing this information. Mean while, you can try playing with the basic version of this template. Anyway, Thanks for the comment buddy! I guess you are talking about the place just below post titles!

Good theme for bloggers. You will have a post that explains to install the automatic read more hack. He is a blogger who loves blogging. Secondly, typography plays the most important role for the success of any blog. He built an awesome framework with 2. I completely agree Genesis is very well supported and also the framework is coded well.


The site can always have a dark background, but text area should have a white background. For automatic read more hacks, you can refer my blog.

Live while you can! Mashable is one of the top magazine blogs of the world which is read by millions of people every month.

Why I Switched To Genesis Theme From Thesis Theme?

And, its really attractive thesia any doubts. But before that happened — aroundthere was Thesis. The whole post is displayed which makes it thee ugly. You can add your random posts widget straight away. People hate dark colors. Rishabh some nice pointbut I see it the other ways. The Theme has been highly optimized for bloggers who want to give their blog a magazine design. If you wish to write for HBBkindly check this.

shoutmeloud thesis theme blogger