Seventeen of 58 Although conventional open thyroidectomy can be performed with few complications, this approach leaves a visible scar on the anterior surface of the neck in a cosmetically unfavorable location. One hundred and thirty eight The minimally invasive endoscopic thyroidectomy approaches provide a superior cosmetic result when compared to conventional thyroidectomy and results in a quicker return to normal activity. J Ind Acad Clin Med. In these ten patients frozen or paraffin section was reported as malignant.

It helps to avoid unnecessary extensive surgery and potential surgery related adverse effects, such as hypothyroidism, hypocalcemia, and recurrent laryngeal nerve injury. Therefore, it is recommended as the first line investigation for the diagnosis of solitary thyroid nodule, to avoid unnecessary thyroidectomy. Only 14 pages are availabe for public view. Carcinoma thyroid in multi and uninodular goiter. Patients with aneuploid differentiated thyroid tumors have poorer prognosis compared with patients with diploid tumors. Solitary thyroid nodule is a common and important clinical problem. Patients with benign solitary thyroid nodules who had diploid DNA were having higher proliferative indices.

One hundred and thirty eight Management of a solitary thyroid nodule. When FNAC report was malignant, total thyroidectomy was done.

Author: Mohamed ,Mohamed Mamdouh,/ Title: Radiological management of solitary thyroid Nodule/

Anti-Gal3 antibody immunoreactivity was observed in 2 out of these 12 cases For the cystic nodules, aspiration is both diagnostic and curative, with post aspiration observation. Among endocrine diseases, thyroid nodules; both cystic and solid, have been treated effectively using this technique. This enables subsequent follow-up with I-scintigraphy and serum thyroglobulin measurement.

Multinodularity detected by USG does not necessarily exclude malignancy. Also it provides fantastic magnification of thyroid anatomy, including ndoule recurrent laryngeal nerve, superior laryngeal nerve and the parathyroid glands. thezis


Malignancy in solitary thyroid nodule: A clinicoradiopathological evaluation

In those cases where postoperative HPE was reported as malignant either in frozen or by paraffin section, completion thyroidectomy of the remaining lobe was done. Hemithyroidectomy was performed for patients showed benign criteria, suspicious criteria or unsatisfactory criteria by FNAB with diploid DNA.

Thyroid cancers in nodular goiters in Kano, Nigeria. Decision of neck dissection was taken in those cases with either palpable lymph nodes in the neck or USG finding suggestive of lymphadenopathy. Hemithyroidectomy was followed by completion thyroidectomy in 10 6.

solitary thyroid nodule thesis

Hemi thyroidectomy is the role in all cases proved to be benign by ssolitary operative cytology, while total thyroidectomy is the role in cases proved to be malignant by pre operative cytology or by post operative pathology after hemi thyroidectomy. Hemostasis, safeguarding of the recurrent laryngeal nerve, solitqry, and other vital structures was taken care of during the dissection. There were cases of clinically detected STN with available ultrasound findings in the study group.

Risk factors for malignancy in patients with solitary thyroid nodules and their impact on the management.

Subtotal operations are followed by I-ablation therapy. It has a great accuracy in identification of different pathologic types and in differentiating benign from malignant lesions, except in the follicular tumor group.

solitary thyroid nodule thesis

Thyroid lobectomy is recommended in patients with recurrent cysts. All of these were revealed by histopathology as adenomatoid nodule.

The final histopathological diagnosis of the resected gland proved that 33 patients Chest radiography and thoracic inlet view are not routinely indicated for the patient with solitary thyroid nodule but should be requested in the presence of obstructive symptoms, tracheal deviation or suspected retrosternal extension.


Thyroid nodules thydoid should be considered for FNA noxule any firm, palpable, solitary nodule or nodule associated with worrisome clinical features rapid growth, attachment to adjacent tissues, hoarseness, or palpable lymphadenopathy. Comparison of FNAC with histopathological findings was performed and revealed that 25 cases were diagnosed as benign follicular nodule by FNAC, 24 cases were colloid nodular goiter in histopathological examination and one case was revealed by histopathology as follicular adenoma.

Management of Thyroid Nodule. However it admits a little help in determining the pathological types of the nodule. A study on the clinical manifestations and the incidence of benign and malignant tumors in a solitary thyroid nodule.

Author: Moustafa Elnahas,Waleed/ Title: Contemporary Management of Solitary Thyroid Nodule

Radioisotope scanning of the thyroid after a tracer dose of an isotope will show the nodule hot, warm, or cold. The endoscopic approach provides a superior cosmetic result when compared to conventional thyroidectomy and results in a quicker return to normal activity.

Only 14 pages are availabe for public view. Role of tumor molecular and pathology features to estimate colorectal cancer risk for first-degree relatives.

In a study from Nigeria, the authors have described malignancy in1 out of the 13 cases of STN 7. The colloid nodules either observed or suppressed by thyroxin, also surgery is recommended if the nodule grows; only for exclusion nocule malignancy. The incidence of malignancy in solitary thyroid nodule is quite high. They should be characterized properly for optimum management.