She just met a couple of weeks ago with the college counselor. Most of the advice so far has been boilerplate, including the choice of colleges to look at. She is very much a self professed ‘nerd’ so she loves to learn. Were they speedy in getting transcripts, recommendations, etc to the colleges? Best for social, assertive kids, and parents who are willing to stay on top of things because the school just ain’t gonna tell you. It’s not nearly as diverse socially, economically or racially as LaGuardia, where my other child went, and a whole lot clique-ier.

Often they are in the same classroom. So keep your eyes open. Beacon has many strengths including a creative and generally interesting curriculum but it’s really not all it’s cracked up to be. His genuine love of teaching and of this age group comes across in everything he does. My child is only in ninth grade, but there is a lot of help with college counseling and they begin preparing the children and parents for the transition to college in ninth grade.

If your child isn’t into research, math, science this will not be the school.

What is the summer homework for Stuyvesant freshman 2012?

All of my daughters teachers so far have been excellent. My son is doing very well in her class but took a test when he was not feeling well. However, if your kid is up for it, it’s a great school. Many AP and honors classes to choose from in a wide variety of subjects.

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Go to the tour. The work is extremely challenging and time consuming and students who have done exceptionally well in middle school may see their grades drop until they adjust to 201 program.


The space is tight and my son’s ninth grade class was over enrolled by 50 kids this year. There have been some wonderful teachers for sure and no total losers.

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The reality is, if Beacon was in the suburbs, it would be just a regular school. Talk with other parents about their experiences with hmoework school. The teachers are all very engaged and invested in the children.

Guide your children toward the schools you think might be best and then let them make the choice. Stuyvesant Summer Homework for ? Whenever there is an issue, however, the response from teachers has been immediate.

The real drawback to Beacon, however, is that they seem to accept a certain type of child–white, middle to upper class child who went to one of a handful of the same public or private middle schools. The result can be chaotic, but there is a real feeling of comradery between the participants that is not easy to find in the classrooms.

Greenhouse and Planetarium inspires courses in Horticulture and Astronomy. I will give you one example of how my son and we knew that the college counselor was really on my son’s side. Well, luckily i’m interested in science it helps. Individualism is not generally rewarded in the core subjects, but may be in the arts. Furthermore, the school tries very hard to let everyone participate. Beacon’s college office was fairly helpful. There are quite a few superb teachers at Bay Ridge Prep.


There are great afterschool programs. The teachers are in touch with me regarding missing homework or low test scores. She just met a couple of weeks ago with nomework college counselor.

My son spends hours a night and about 6 hours on weekends. My child’s guidance counselor was just about useless when a combination of impossible stjyvesant on time collided with sleep deprivation and anger, cut classes and illness. But the emphasis on such a rigorous academic curriculum made the arts very thin. Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

stuyvesant summer homework 2013

Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. This book is a series summwr twelve stories about scientists and their explorations in pursuit of the little organisms that both help and harm humanity. It appears the college office is responsive, and helpful. Most of the teachers are good, some great, but my daughter certainly had her share of mediocre, inexperienced teachers. My daughter had a very good experience with the school. My daughter has taken mostly honors and AP classes which have challenged but not more than she could handle.

stuyvesant summer homework 2013