David Thang, Lakeland, Mrs. I’ve become thoughtful and introspective about life, culture and how people are treated. Click here for the Breakthrough Nursing Scholarship! Long ago, America was one color, white. Love transcends endless boundaries, braves the roughest of waves, and grows like a rose in the smallest of cracks in a sidewalk of sadness. Please keep copies of your Word files.

We should work hard to achieve our goal of a more accepting world. Our beliefs should be not quarreled over but respected. We are wonderful because we are different from one another Service is one of the best ways to express love to others. For students looking to pursue either a 2- or 4-year undergraduates degree from an accredited university with a minimum GPA of 2. There are many powerful, influential figures who have worked towards bringing us together and have impacted society, but in the end, they all failed. We are all human.

But love is not one sided, and acceptance does not exclude– we must all do our part to keep Dr. King envisioned- by love and tolerance. I feel my abnormal curls as I take a comb through them. This is not a world I would like to know. We will not settle until there exists no wage gap. Kennedi Petteway, Downing, Mrs.

We do not collect any identifying information from visitors to this site. Martin Luther King was one of our nation’s most important human beings.


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Eva Vreeland, McKamy, Ms. Elizabeth Daiva, Old Settlers, Ms. Yasmeen Siddiqi, Lamar Middle, Mrs. Strong and influential leaders like Gandhi and King never let color or religion stop them from seeing someone’s inner beauty.

Acculturation and globalization are not 20th century phenomena… Wwackhamer.

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Even though the family faced many trials, their hard work paid off. They make us unique.

As a whole, we have to stop being afraid of accepting other people for their differences. Although my first-grade mind couldn’t comprehend it, I now realize these are the conversations people need to have.

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We live now in a more inclusive society than the society that existed nearly seventy-five years ago. In order to create the desired picture all the pieces must be different… Each and every piece has its own significance and serves its own purpose. An artist does not paint with only one color. An artist transforms dreams into reality.

swackhamer peace essay contest 2015

Our beloved community is the greatest place to be! We were all born as a clean slate. Therefore, dreaming in color breaks down the barriers separating people with differences and allows any group to form a bond. This led to a life-changing conversation.


Swaxkhamer it is popular in today’s society to undermine black history… The discrimination and mistreatment of POC in the past needs to be recognized in our education. His ideas, principles, and beliefs helped guide him through life, and will continue to light the way for many others.

You might not know, though, that the most complex aspect about the Sequoia trees is their root system: Start with little things like telling that girl that you like her shoes, then tell that man to stop making fun of someone else, then help initiate others to change. Every part intertwines and what do you get? You can compare creating a Beloved Community to swackhaner a science experiment.

I said earlier that we did everything together. Waging Peace is published annually by the Nuclear Age Peace.

swackhamer peace essay contest 2015

We are wonderful because we are different from one another Since the Sequoia cannot stand on its own solitary root, that single root system spread underneath the ground, unifies the humanity.