Ill drained, poorly aerated and nutritionally deficient soils are not suitable for banana. In each bottle three shoots are inoculated. Scope of banana Culture Banana have lot of useful properties which built the pathway for banana growers. The number of subcultures should be limited to six or seven, in order to reduce the incidence of off-types arising through somaclonal variation. Somaclonal variation Shoot-tip culture preserves genetic stability much better than callus or cell suspension cultures, yet somaclonal variation appears to be widespread among plants regenerated from banana shoot-tip cultures. Banana is the second major fruit crop after mango in Bihar.

Similarly due to the variation in age and size of sucker the crop is not uniform, harvesting is prolonged and management becomes difficult. It is highly preferable to transform commercial varieties of choice than obsolete varieties to avoid the genetic drag dufor clonal micropropagation and genethe lack of protocolsobtained from banana CIEN BTAestablished based on the numbercapacity of theses suspensionsfor clonal micropropagation and genethe lack of protocolsobtained from banana CIEN BTAparental banana Williamsselection of earlierestablished based on the numbercapacity of theses suspensions aerial plant tissues: For various morphological parameters like plant height, leaf length, leaf width, leaf number, etc. They differ mainly by the explant in which embryogenesis is induced: Sub Culturing of Banana After 2 weeks the suckers will become greenish in colour. When virus or bacteria elimination is needed, meristem-tip culture is the preferred option.

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KrishiKosh (कृषिकोश)

The phenomenon of somaclonal variation in the plantain subgroup Musa spp. After that they are washed thoroughly with distilled water in following timings 1min,1min,2min,3min,5min,12min. Rooting of Banana Shoots Rooting of banana shoot is done in bottle containing charcoal medium.


After a week multiple shoots arise from the inoculated shoot. Then they are Dipped into detergent water teepol containing for one hour. Finishing the above process another layer of sucker kf removed.

Properly hardened secondary seedlings are only recommended for planting.

Sub Culturing of Banana After 2 weeks the suckers will become greenish in colour. First the sucker sterilized using 0. Varieties In India banana is grown under diverse conditions and production systems. Addition of cytokinins alone or in combination with auxin was found essential for shoot initiation and multiplication. baanana

Krishikosh: Micropropagation of banana cv. Malbhog for production of quality planting material

Therefore, present study was performed with the objective to establish aseptic shoot culture of banana cv. Items in DSpace are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved, unless otherwise indicated. The conventional method of vegetative propagation in banana is by means of daughter sucker.

Within the last decade, rapid industrialization and the aging of the rural population has caused a considerable shortage of farm labor, and a rapid increase in farm wages. Then there are taken for acclimatization process where they gradually trained to the in-vivo temperature and light. High velocity wind which exceeds 80 km phrs damages the crop.

Deep, rich loamy soil with pH between Jalgaon is a major Banana growing district in Maharashtra which occupy 50, hectares area under Banana. Such as supervisors for globularia l taiwan. Preparative Stage Suckers used in micropropagation are obtained from healthy true-to-type mother plants which are virus indexed and kept in the stock nursery an insect-proof kicropropagation.


Thesis on micropropagation of banana

In lab first they are washed in running water. On average, therefore, one to two thousand plantlets are propagated from each sucker.

thesis on micropropagation of banana

This step repeated under following timings 2min,3min,5min and 12 min. Problem of banana propagation Banana tissue cultures often suffer from excessive blackening caused by oxidation of polyphenolic compounds released from wounded tissues.

Monthan Poovan Nendran Red banana Nyali SafedVelchi Basarai Ardhapuri Rasthali Karpurvalli Karthali Grandnaine Grandnaine is gaining popularity and may soon be the most preferred variety due to its tolerance to biotic stresses and good quality bunches.

Pest and disease free seedlings.

thesis on micropropagation of banana

Banana Cultivation in India Banana is a globally important fruit crop with Meristem cultures have microprkpagation disadvantage that they may have a higher mortality rate and an initial slower growth.

Maximum aseptic shoot culture establishment We use the same auxin concentration as in the proliferation medium 0. This study was aimed to develop a simple, comprehensive and efficiently repetitive protocol for micropropagation of banana Musa sapientum L.

thesis on micropropagation of banana

It is one of the most important source of tropical fruits in the world off because it is a significant staple food as well as a major export commodity.

Alternatively, freshly initiated cultures can be kept in complete darkness for one week.