Open the email in your inbox. Each enrollment, we have been tested for muscular strength, in running and lining up for our classes. We almost forgot, she also has a boyfriend. At the same time we have butted heads with each other, inquired into our curiosities, debated the sciences, and challenged each other. And despite all the high marks, achievements and accomplishments under our belt, we come to the stark realization that there are many things that school has not prepared us for. The problems our country faces are real extensive.

By continued use, you agree to our privacy policy and accept our use of such cookies. Now we have come to this point called graduation. Is it even possible? But perhaps there is no such anecdote or tale that can really illustrate the awesome adventure that has been B. And the capability to make remarkable achievements for our nation. Here are some awesome lines from Tiffany Uy’s graduation speech, which she gave on June

And one day, humanity may just flicker in and out of existence, in the grander scale of time. In just the last 32 years, here at home, the College of Science has grown and expanded to become one of the standards of Tiffang academic excellence, making landmark contributions in several fields, many of which were personally undertaken by many of you seated here today. The future depends on how she and her fellow science majors—and all newly grads in general—will utilize what they acquired while studying to help the country.

Today, we embark on our journey – armed with our knowledge and ready to take off into new heights! Have a kickass Monday!

7 Takeaways From The Pretty, GWA UP Summa Cum Laude’s Graduation Speech

You have great prospects gearing towards success and likely stability. In just the last years, the quanta- the basis of quantum theory- was discovered.


tiffany grace uy graduation speech

On what a college degree means: But what is perhaps remarkable is the scientific genius that has evolved in just a few number of years to realize just that. Moreover, our political situation is highly volatile But the new wilderness we are entering which we like to call ‘the new world’ poses far greater tests of fitness Indeed, perhaps you and I, we are just a miniscule wave in the vast and infinite multiverse of several universes, featuring wonders beyond our wildest imagination.

This is evidenced by the record-breaking feats of humanity.

As scientists, more than anyone, are we humbled by the amazingness and awesomeness and beauty and elegance of life, that blesses each and every atom-based being. And I think it only perfect that this blessed morning be celebrated under the majestic splendor of the skies and clouds, warmed by the all important life-giving star, the Sun.

You, who gathered here today are the few selected.

UP summa cum laude Tiffany Uy: You are rarer than the stars – CNN Philippines

Click on the link in the email. Open the email in your inbox. At the same time we have butted heads with each other, inquired into our curiosities, debated the sciences, and challenged each other.

tiffany grace uy graduation speech

The celebration of years of hard work, intellect and pursuit culminating in the graduation of about a hundred students from Biology, each of whom are ready to come out of their pupa, spread their wings, and fly. The password reset link has been sent to your email: Leading the top honors is Tiffany Grace C.

And I have to say that Biology houses some of the queerest creatures I have perhaps met in my life.


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10 Awesome Lines from Tiffany Uy’s Graduation Speech

Yes, Science, is what Hy believe to be, the tool towards building our nation. Tiffany Uy ‘s GWA is 1. The state of our nation is rough. You embody academic excellence and honor.

7 Takeaways From The Pretty, 1.004-GWA UP Summa Cum Laude’s Graduation Speech

These are just some of the numerous impressive contributions, that you, brilliant scientists have made, which more than being just scientific innovation, are steps forward in the rehabilitation of our country and ultimately the building of a globally-competitive and sustainable Philippines. On the realities our nation faces: Beloved friends, as we set out into the enigmatic wilderness of life, my wish for tiftany and for our country is that you harness the limitless tiffan evolutionary power towards building a sustainable and fair nation.

That is also why when she graduated summa cum laude recently, all eyes and ears were on this looker of a genius and her graduation speech. As scientists, more than anyone, we practice an outlook that always presupposes more to anything than we can ever imagine.

Maybe not in the scientific sense of the concept, since that would graduatjon grounds of giving birth to the mutated forms.