This ensures your chapter will start on a new page. If the title page exceeds one page, go back and delete blank lines until it fits on one page. Styles will help generate a table of contents with page numbers automatically. Table, Figure and Plate Headings These styles are one option to label your tables, figures, and plates. If you do not have any symbols, abbreviations, or specific nomenclature in your thesis, you do not need to fill out this page. Delete each of these ‘chapter’ bibliographies. This style is the first heading level.

Downloading the templates The template is divided into two parts: The epigraph is an optional part of the front matter. Use the Chapter Template. Styles will keep your formatting consistent. The Faculty of Graduate Studies does not offer technical support for the templates.

This style is used when you insert a caption on a figure, table, picture, or other object.

ucalgary thesis template

Thesis Title Page Template. Numbered Template Only Use this style to mark your Appendix titles. Instead of guessing what the previous section heading looks like, or having to scroll through the document to look at it, you can use styles.

This section is set aside so you can acknowledge other individuals’ contributions to your thesis. The headings are bold 12 point Times New Roman font, but can be modified see below. A word is on average 5 characters long, hence we get about words per manuscript page.


MS Word Template | Graduate Studies | University of Calgary

Confirm with your department that this form has been completed and sent to the FGSR. Then all of the headings will look consistent. For example, the Table of Contents can only be generated automatically if you use styles consistently.

Then if you change your mind on your formatting later on, you can update the formatting all occurrences of Heading 1 in one quick step. Then apply the Heading 1 style. Quotation The quotation style is single spaced, and indented. The following is a ucalgaary of the important styles available in the chapter template: Usually, you may have inadvertently applied a heading style to text that tmplate not have a heading style associated with it.

ucalgary thesis template

The point of these templates is to assist you with the formatting so that you can focus on the writing. Or was it centered and italics? The front matter template contains sections for all the suggested parts of a thesis front matter.

MS Word Template

Normal This style is the default style in Word. Use this style to mark your Appendix titles.

Failure to meet the formatting requirements may result in a thesis being rejected. You may have to click ‘Enable Editing’ before proceeding.

Fees will be assessed according to the registration. Some time spent up front to learn the skills to create such a structured document will save you hours of tedious re-formatting before it is time to hand it in. Campus Life Go Dinos!


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A better class by Mark Girard is already available, which however also sets the margins to 1 inch. Numbered Template Only Use this style to mark your Reference list title, so it will appear in the table of contents with the same formatting as a chapter name hemplate without the numbering.

Follow the instructions here to delete any section that you do not need. But of course they allow use of word processing software. Locate the text in the document that the table of contents is picking up. Also consult department-specific guidelines and your supervisor. Table, Figure and Plate Headings. Downloading the templates The template is divided into two parts: It has a different file extension than a normal Word document a. Thexis can simply ignore the front matter template until you need it jcalgary step 5but use the chapter template for each of your chapters.