They are forced to build temporary accommodation in spontaneous settlements. My vision would be that it would be transformed into one of the better suburbs of Mumbai. Take a look at our new resources in the shop Dismiss. Urban Planning in Lagos. They are forced to build temporary accommodation in spontaneous settlements. Dharavi slum is located in Mumbai formally Bombay in India.

The money saved can be spent on providing basic amenities such as electricity and water. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. What is the location of Lagos? Mumbai now has a long history of suburbanisation, and many key events have occurred in the suburbanisation process, initially in a Northwards direction along major transport routes such as roads and rail links, and now in an Eastward direction. They are not good for community cohesion.

One such slum is Dharavi, stuvy the heart of Mumbai. Many daily chores are done in social spheres because people live close to one another. The settlements are usually very overcrowded.

urbanisation case study ledc

One such phenomenon fuelling this growth is that of planned towns new towns in the UK. The other significant factor to note is that slum dwellers make up an ever increasing proportion of the population, creating numerous problems for people and planners.

Urban Problems in LEDCs

The people who are relocated will be put into smaller housing in apartment blocks. The following notes are based upon Kevin McCloud’s “Slumming it. Lagos Squatter Settlements What is life like in a squatter settlement in Lagos? Typhoon Haiyan Case Study. Dharavi slum is based around this water pipe built on an old rubbish tip. Sincethe graph shows the inexorable rise in the population of Mumbai, from 8 million in to 21 million now.


Dharavi could also follow the Brazilian model, as evidenced in Rocinha in Rio de Janeiro.

Rooms within houses have multiple functions, including living, working and sleeping. People have to go to the toilet in the street and there are open sewers. The value of land is so high that redevelopment is now a real threat. Despite the poor conditions in the slum Prince Charles thinks that the people of Dharavi “may be poorer in material wealth but are richer socially”.

The new town now has a population of 1, people, is linked to Mumbai by road and rail bridges and an international airport. One private enterprise makes the metal cages inside suitcases, making pieces per day, paid 3 rupees per piece.

urbanisation case study ledc

The money saved can be spent on providing basic amenities such as electricity and water. Increasing industrialisation of the suburbs is increasing this movement. View Mumbai Location Map in a larger map.

There is an alternative to large scale redevelopment and that is to allow LOCAL people design the improvements to the slum.

This makes it a prime target for redevelopment. They are also called favelas Brazil or bustees India. It has a village feel despite its high population density and has a central social square. Many of the products from Dharavi end up around the world based upon very cheap labour.


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These areas of temporary accommodation are known as favelas in Brazil. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Lecc the last decade, Thane, Vashi and Belapur have become extended suburbs despite being planned as individual towns.

People live in very small dwellings e.

The rapid growth urbanisatikn Rio de Janeiro’s population has led to a severe shortage of housing. Related Topics Use the images below to explore related GeoTopics. The houses often have no windows, asbestos roofs which are dangerous if broken and no planning to fit fire regulations.

These settlements are commonly known as ‘shanty towns’.

urbanisation case study ledc

The centre of density of population has shifted from the island city well into suburban Salsette. People are economically stratified into those that can afford better housing and those that cannot, rather than historical caste, religious or linguistic stratifications 2.